Idiots’ Guide to Swine Flu

I don’t know what to make of this swine flu stuff.

Prison Planet think it’s a plot by Obama to wipe out a chunk of the Earth’s population and earn some money for himself.

The chinese medicine community have come up with a cure a full 6 months ahead of the so-called scientists. I trust that they will have developed this medicine to their usual high standards.

Kabbalic numerology has something to say about this all, but what that it I can’t figure out.

Helios Homoeopathy have a range of cures for swine flu available too. You can buy them straight of their website too! Such kind-hearted souls, not at all vultures preying on the naive.

Of course, this might all just be a plague on the Mexicans for being dog-eating catholics.

Obviously one of these groups must be correct, but which one? I mean, why would people believe this if it weren’t true?

I’m confused.


2 responses to “Idiots’ Guide to Swine Flu

  1. Just keep eating the bacon!

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