The Science Diploma

The Qualifications and Curriculuum authority was formed in 1997, during Labour’s first year of government. They are responsible for this document, dated April 2009:

Criteria for the Diploma qualifications in science at foundation and higher levels

Here are some of the more interesting learning outcomes for science diploma qualifications that I am cherry-picking, but reproducing verbatim:

Learners must know and understand:

  • how to interpret consumer information on consumer products
  • positive and negative lifestyle choices, including diet, drugs, exercise and sexual activity
  • the effects of lifestyle choices on how the body functions and the implications for the health of the individual and society

  • the importance of confidentiality when handling and storing data on the
  • individual and how this is protected by legislation

  • how to communicate with individuals at different life stages. [e.g. the elderly]
  • the ethical considerations of using and handling plants and animals
  • the organisations and agencies that use science and the goals they work to
  • the science these organisations and agencies use and the social, economic and environmental contribution they make to meeting major challenges
  • the methods used by the private and public sectors to promote change in society. [in relation to energy use]

There’s also a fantastic diagram that makes everything clear:


Update: I should of course credit Ben Goldacre for sticking the link to this document and yesterday’s swine flu links in his twitter feed.


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