End Times

I’m always on the lookout for clues, and I think this is a big one:


Scanning the hollow soullessness, the inane depravity, the bland offensiveness, I decided it can only mean one thing: These are the end times.

God’s final judgment is upon us.

Big Jeff

If you go to gigs in Bristol, you’ve probably seen Big Jeff. This is a state graph of his activities.



Just bringing this poster and a relevant quote together, where they belong.



A spokesperson at the Royal Air Force museum explained: “The Spitfire in the poster can be identified as belonging to 303 Squadron of the Polish Air Force by the code letters ‘RF’ painted in front of the RAF roundel. 303 Squadron operated Spitfires from Northolt, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Coltishall and other RAF stations in the UK between 1941 and 1945 after flying Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain.”
Update: I got this from here, where there’s more info about the people in the photos.

An Anecdote about Homeopathy


Max Gogarty is Alive!


The Science Diploma

The Qualifications and Curriculuum authority was formed in 1997, during Labour’s first year of government. They are responsible for this document, dated April 2009:

Criteria for the Diploma qualifications in science at foundation and higher levels

Here are some of the more interesting learning outcomes for science diploma qualifications that I am cherry-picking, but reproducing verbatim:

Learners must know and understand:

  • how to interpret consumer information on consumer products
  • positive and negative lifestyle choices, including diet, drugs, exercise and sexual activity
  • the effects of lifestyle choices on how the body functions and the implications for the health of the individual and society

  • the importance of confidentiality when handling and storing data on the
  • individual and how this is protected by legislation

  • how to communicate with individuals at different life stages. [e.g. the elderly]
  • the ethical considerations of using and handling plants and animals
  • the organisations and agencies that use science and the goals they work to
  • the science these organisations and agencies use and the social, economic and environmental contribution they make to meeting major challenges
  • the methods used by the private and public sectors to promote change in society. [in relation to energy use]

There’s also a fantastic diagram that makes everything clear:


Update: I should of course credit Ben Goldacre for sticking the link to this document and yesterday’s swine flu links in his twitter feed.

Idiots’ Guide to Swine Flu

I don’t know what to make of this swine flu stuff.

Prison Planet think it’s a plot by Obama to wipe out a chunk of the Earth’s population and earn some money for himself.

The chinese medicine community have come up with a cure a full 6 months ahead of the so-called scientists. I trust that they will have developed this medicine to their usual high standards.

Kabbalic numerology has something to say about this all, but what that it I can’t figure out.

Helios Homoeopathy have a range of cures for swine flu available too. You can buy them straight of their website too! Such kind-hearted souls, not at all vultures preying on the naive.

Of course, this might all just be a plague on the Mexicans for being dog-eating catholics.

Obviously one of these groups must be correct, but which one? I mean, why would people believe this if it weren’t true?

I’m confused.