OpenFPGA CoreLib Core Library Interoperability Effort

  • Conference/Journal : RSSI 2007
  • Authors: M. Wirthlin1, D. Poznanovic2, P. Sundararajan3, A. Coppola4, D. Pellerin5, W. Najjar6,R. Bruce7, M. Babst8, O. Pritchard9, P. Palazzari10, G. Kuzmanov11
  • Author Affiliations: 1Brigham Young University, 2SRC Computers, 3Xilinx Corporation, 4OptNgn Software, 5Impulse, 6UC Riverside, 7Nallatech, 8DSPLogic, 9Altera Corporation, 10Ylichron, 11TU Delft
  • Date: July 17-20 2007
  • Location: NCSA, Illinois, USA
  • Conference/Journal Website: Link
  • Abstract: N/A
  • Full Paper: Download
  • Notes: A collaborative effort, written by members of the OpenFPGA CORELIB group. I contributed to this paper on behalf of Nallatech

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