My Music

I’m learning to play classical guitar. I thought it might be useful to record tracks, to force myself to play properly and to get feedback from people on how I could get better. For now I’m just going to record me playing other people’s stuff, but I hope one day to have some of my own creations on here. I’m putting them down in the order I’ve recorded them (in the theory the ones that are at the bottom will be better than the ones at the top, assuming I’m actually improving of course):

  1. Fernando Sor (Opus 31. No. 1) – Study in C
  2. Ferdinando Carulli – Andantino
  3. Dionisio Aguado – Lesson.
  4. Mauro Giuliani – Allegro
  5. Ferdinando Carulli – Andantino (another one)
  6. Fernando Sor (Opus 35, No.1) – Study in C

3 responses to “My Music

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  2. very relaxing….makes life sound more peaceful

  3. I’ll see if I can do another one tonight…

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