This’ll Fix Things

Often I think that we need a new political party founded on principles of rationalism. That thought grows louder when I see things like this:

Greedhead Carol Vorderman is to head a maths task force for David Cameron.

She got a third class degree in engineering, then never entered the field. She instead chose to dress up nice and flog unpayable debt to the vulnerable.  Truly the inspiration to lead our nation to another golden age of science and engineering.

Update: This just gets weirder.


2 responses to “This’ll Fix Things

  1. Carol Vorderman? Maths task force? Countdown? Debt consolidation? Detox? Hmm.

    I notice that the entry on Wikipedia no longer includes a link to a fan-site that had a name along the lines of Carol’s rump steak and posited Carol in girl-on-girl action with various newsreaders and tv presenters.

    I suppose that this the result of hob-nobbing with Gyles Brandreth, a man whose crimes against common decency are too many to mention. More Tory dinosaur connections.

    I thought that Cameron was trying to distance himself for the bad old beasts who destroyed communities and inspired the selfish adult society that the Children’s Society report authors point at so vigorously?

    Next the cadaverous Norman Tebbit will be wheeled out in front of us with his bike speech.

  2. I haven’t registered to vote since I moved to London. I wonder if I’ll bother. Have you ever seen Star Quality?

    50 seconds in…

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