What Jeremy Did on His Holidays

It’s like a pantomime, but with Africans dying! The fun never stops over at Jeremy’s blog.

Recently, our intrepid hero met a woman who is dying of aids. He prescribed Androctonus 12C, which is one part scorpion* to one billion quadrillion**  parts water. He saw her again yesterday and her condition is much improved you’ll be happy to learn. Jeremy has decided to continue the Androctonus 12C, and why not with results like that?

Inbetween consultations, Jeremy has found time to plead his supporters to start a holy war.  This explains the recent uptick in eloquent irrationality in the comments I’m receiving.

* Or scorpion venom, correct me if I’m wrong here.

** 100 to the power of 12.


15 responses to “What Jeremy Did on His Holidays

  1. given that a scorpion or two has probably been, at one time or another, in the sea. Does that mean drinking sea water is a homeopathic cure for HIV/AIDS?
    In fact, given that lots of things have been in the sea, is the sea one giant homeopathic cure to virtually every disease?

  2. Instead of speculating on what might or might not be, why do you not just follow the facts and the results. If this woman was given something that has shown postive results on her health, what is the problem? It seems that Jeremy is damned if he helps and damned if he doesnt. Why are you people so negative when any positive signs of improvement are shown?

  3. How can you possibly say that he has helped? Everyone’s interpretations are subject to bias. This is why, when you do a trial, neither the patient nor the person conducting the trial should know whether they are being given the remedy being trialed. Double-blind and randomised! It’s the only way to know if something works.

    Even if we suspend disbelief for a moment and entertain the notion that homeopathy might be effective, what Jeremy Sherr is doing contributes absolutely nothing to sum total of human knowledge relating to the efficacy of homeopathy.

  4. I am sure the people of Tanzania are more interested in feeling better (as quite frankly am I) than worrying about whether you have your ‘sum total of human knowledge’ in place.

    Is your witch hunt against Jeremy because he is not conducting his trial to your liking, or because you have such negativity towards something you are not able to grasp? You say he has not helped, well hey, he hasnt done any harm either has he.

    It is funny, scientists today work in nanoseconds and decibels that we are not able to comprehend or even hear, but they tell us they are there and we believe them. The same goes for atoms, particles, DNA and a whole slew of other things. All these things came to be part of our lives because someone thought they were there and then set about finding the scientific proof that they exist and told us that we can use them to better our lives. Some of these things are way past the average lay persons comprehension, but none the less they exist and are used on a daily basis. Homeopathy has a very solid scientific base and there are millions of people around the world who have had postive results from being treated with homeopathic remedies. People that are familiar and use homeopathy understand the scientific principles that govern it and the scientific data that backs it up. Just because you choose to not believe in it is not a reason to try and turn everyone against it.

    Lets play devils advocate here. You are adamant that no good can come of Jeremy’s visit to Tanzania, but what if you are wrong? What if you kick up such a stink that his work cannot carry on there and he was in fact helping those people. What happens if those people die as a consequence. Do you really want their blood on your hands?

  5. Their blood on whose hands?


  6. Lisa, you say

    It is funny, scientists today work in nanoseconds and decibels that we are not able to comprehend or even hear, but they tell us they are there and we believe them. The same goes for atoms, particles, DNA and a whole slew of other things.

    You think that a nanosecond cannot be comprehended? It is a unit of time, like any other. Do you understand what a minute is? What about an hour? Why would anyone have to “believe” in a nanosecond. It is a fact to be accepted, like the fact that Coventry exists, and that milk comes from cows.

    Don’t mistake your appalling ignorance about how the world really works for you being better attuned to the cosmos. I resent that the you get the benefits of the technologies that men of science have worked hard to provide, when you have such contempt for the mode of thought that has brought you these benefits.

    This computer that you type at was the product of thinking that is the polar opposite of that you display, and that of homeopaths in general. Go and see if you can get a computer to work without believing in nanoseconds and the law of mass action.

  7. They are here as well? Blimey, maybe I should comment on as many skeptic blogs in the vain hope that it will generate some traffic to my own completely unconnected blog!

    Lisa – here’s the rub. There are no scientific principles behind homeopathy. You can say that there are but only if you have your own special definition of science. Similarly, if you talk about the evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy, it’s only evidence if you have your own special definition of evidence.

    And if homeopathy is so efficaious and cost effective, why are PCTs increasingly refusing to fund homeopathic treatment? And bear in mind what payment by results is going to do any NHS provision of homeopathy.

    Oh, I did like Sherr’s provings of noble gases. So dilution of a solution containing insoluble gases, I like it! OK, ok, I know that under special circumstances you can do funny stuff with water and noble gases but…

  8. Robin,
    You have completely missed the boat on what I was saying. I Do NOT have contempt for modern science or modern medicine. I happily use modern medicine as well as homeopathy. I am merely saying that just because you do not understand at the moment how something works (homeopahty) doesnt mean that it doesnt work. My scientific examples above may not have been the best, but I am simply saying that there are a lot of things that scientists ‘thought’ worked and then set about proving them. Just because you are blinkered and not able to accept that homeopathy works, DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT DOESNT!!!! Am merely saying that the modern medicine that you think is better than homeopathy (the same modern medicine that you yourself profess in an earlier email not to have used for over a decade as you would prefer your body to heal itself) is not perfect. I have a family member that is being pumped full of traditional medicine as I write this in serious poor health and I am very grateful for the strides science has made in drugs to allow him to hopefully get better. Science has made some wonderful strides, but has also made some terrible mistakes along the way, but at the end of the day isnt that how we all learn?
    I am sorry if because i have answered you back instead of letting you slag of Jeremy and rant on you are offended but after all there are two sides to every story, just because you write a bog doesnt mean it shouldnt be questioned, or that you resent that I use technology, but to be perfectly honest I RESENT that fact that you are on your own personal witch hunt of someone who (despite what you think about homeopathy) seems to be having some postive results.
    If you are too ignorant to give the guy a chance then shame on you!

  9. warhelmet,
    Well, at the end of the day you can say your piece on homeopathy and so can I. Why dont we let the results speak for themselves because at the end of the day thats what matters.

    What I find amazing is that these people in Tanzania have probably been taking traditional medicine for HIV for many years now with the only results being a palliation of their symptoms (I agree that is a wonderful step forward and means that many people can lead normal lives with this condition and can stay alive where they would have undoubtedly died years ago, but scientist have been at this for over 30 years now and a cure hasnt been found yet has it?What is the harm in someone else try? I am not saying Jeremy will find a cure, but I wonder what will happen if Jeremy starts treating them and there is some improvement in their symptoms or some positive change that wasnt happening before on traditional meds alone. Will all those sceptics still say that this person must have willed themselves better or that homeopathy does not work???

  10. Facts still stand Lisa:

    1) According to the basic laws of Physics and Chemistry, homeopathic remedies have no active ingredient to speak of. These are laws that have been validated countless times over in the design and fabrication of day-to-day objects and materials.

    2) There is no body of reputable evidence to support the idea of homeopathy having any active ingredient or positive effect on human health beyond placebo. This isn’t surprising, given 1) above.

    Lisa, it’s time for you and the others to move on.

    I would be upset too if I’d ploughed so much time and emotion into something. It must be very hard to back down when you have such strong conviction. You are wrong though. Desperately, profoundly wrong. This isn’t a difference of opinion. The truth does not lie midway between us. I am correct on this matter, and you are wrong.

  11. of course the truth doesnt lie midway between us!!

    Perhaps you should take your own advice and move on and get off your soap box.

    It has already been established that when scientifically tested homeopathy does not contain any ACTIVE INGREDIENT that can bring about a physical change in the body, this is OLD news and not something new, so therefore trying to fit homeopathy into your nice little paragraph 1 above is obviously not going to work is it and means that you are banging on about a mute point??? You are trying to fit a square into a round hole!! I am bored of telling you to look in a different direction and look at some different principles for the evidence that is out there. This site seems to only exist to massage your over inflated ego and arrogance!

    For many hundreds of years there have been people taking homeopathic medicine and getting great health results, there are millions of people walking around who can give testament to that. That dear Robin is FACT. Hey, if it sooths you to call that placebo then call it what the hell you want. I am not here to argue words with you. The FACTS, which is what I think you like to deal in, is that people get better once they have taken homeopathy. End of story.

  12. “people get better once they have taken homeopathy”

    That is not a fact, that is your strongly held belief.

    Think that perhaps it is you who needs to go and ponder whether you have invested too much into this quasi-religon of yours.

    You don’t seem to know what a fact is.

  13. blah, blah, blah…….

  14. I see I have you in the crushing grip of reason 🙂

  15. Lisa, one major problem is that what Jeremy is doing in Tanzania will in no way help show whether homeopathy can be of benefit in HIV/AIDS (even to relieve symptoms). This is because he is conducting his “trial” in a completely unacceptable fashion. It is not controlled, the patients are not being randomised, there is no comparative “placebo” arm to contrast against the active homeopathy arm, there is no blinding of treatments or results, and there is no systematic analysis of any objective medical symptoms which he is monitoring. This means that when patient a says “I feel better after those pills” there is absolutely no way to demonstrate if the pills did in fact make the patient feel better (as opposed to some other variable). All he can do at the end of the day is say “I helped some people feel better”, but he cannot draw any valid general conclusions about the effectiveness of homeopathy in AIDS.

    What Jeremy is doing may make some people feel better. Very good, that is an admirable outcome. But because this may be the case, it does not exonerate him from criticism about the way in which he is going about his work, the ethics of what he is trying to do, and whether he may be inadvertantly doing patients some harm.

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