Jeremy Sherr Responds

Jeremy Sherr has responded that bloggers who criticise him are part of the “Pharmaceutical Inquisition” in his latest blog post here. Martin from the Lay Scientist has done a fantastic job taking to pieces his counter attack in this post that you should take the time to read:

Jeremy Sherr has already begun editing his blog to make our criticisms appear unfounded. We criticise something he has said, he removes it, then acts as if it weren’t there in the first place. Well this doesn’t wash in the 21st century, as we can save the state of your blog, as Rob Hinckley has done here, where Jeremy Sherr made this unambiguous statement:

“I have decided that the main aim is to get out there and cure as many people as possible. I know, as all homeopaths do, that you can just about cure AIDS in many cases. But shhhh… I’m not allowed to say that, so you didn’t hear it.”

For the true obsessive, you can read all Jeremy Sherr’s blog posts in their original form here. Again, thanks go to Rob Hinckley for his diligence and forethought in saving them all in the first place. Not that he needs my thanks of course with all the money that big pharma will be paying him for this. I await my cheque eagerly too!


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