Does This Count as Murder?

A fact, in case you weren’t already aware:

Homeopathy doesn’t work.

You actually may not have known that, but it’s true. Homeopathic remedies are simply placebos. Any positive benefit they do have is simply the amazing effects of the placebo. You get better because you think you will. Unfortunately, the placebo effect is of limited use. It might work if you’re suffering from a headache, but not if you’ve been run over by a train. No, for that you need real medical interventions. So I come my second fact:

Homeopathy cannot treat AIDS sufferers

So now to my final fact:

In Tanzania right now is man who is soliciting donations for a charity that wants to treat AIDS and Malaria with homeopathy. Right now he is in Tanzania, offering homeopathy as a treatment to desperately ill people who are have AIDS. His name is Jeremy Sherr.

This is his blog:

This is his wife’s blog:

He last posted yesterday, talking about his recent treatments. Having seen 8 patients twice since he has been in Tanzania, he is already convinced of the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating AIDS. He is testing an unproven cure, using a branch of superstitious medicine that repeated clinical trials have shown to be ineffective. He is testing it on the poor and uneducated. He is indulging his own deluded healing fantasies. If it transpires he is encouraging people not to seek or take ARVs, then he is directly responsible for the increased rate of infection and premature death that will ensue.

Do not forget what happened in South Africa, where Matthias Rath and others infected the ANC leadership with similar lunatic healing fantasies, leading to an estimated 170,000 additional infections and 340,000 premature deaths.

Homeopathy is not harmless, and it’s not natural. We can’t let the Sherrs get away with the great harm they are causing, simply because they believe they are doing good.

Below is a video that features the Sherrs and their ideas.


12 responses to “Does This Count as Murder?

  1. The Sherrs and all others like them are dangerous.

    What they are doing is irresponsible and downright ignorant. They need to be stopped.

    Keep up the good work, Robin.

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  3. Homeopathy works. It works well and much better than conventional medicine. If it didn’t work, it would not last for more than 200 years and have so many followers and supporters around the world. Numbers do not lie (unlike this site). If homeopathy were such crap, why does this site and so many other people, from the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies, make such an effort to fight against it? If it didn’t work, people would not turn to it and it would fissile out, like many medical theories have over the years.

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  5. I find your ignorant rant on homeopathy to be rather confusing. On the one hand you are saying that homeopathy is nothing but placebo and does not work, and then later on you are saying that homeopathy is dangerous and has to be stopped. Well, which one is it? It cant be both!!!If it is placebo and does not work surely it cannot be dangerous. Now, how about if it were placebo (which it is not) and people got better because they thought they were taking some magical pill. Surely the end result of the patient getting better is what anyone trying to help them wants.

    Now take the example of homeopathy treating animals and babies (which happens successfully all over the world) A cow or a baby is not able to ‘will’ themselves better, but amazingly after being treated with homeopathy they make a full recovery.

    I myself, and my family have been treated very succesfully for many years with homeopathy. I went to a regular doctor with my symptoms and after doing a blood test and general exam the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me and nothing else he could do for me. A homeopath listened to my symptoms, treated me with homeopathic remedies and alleviated my sypmtoms.

    I find it amazing that people who do not understand something feel threatened by it and need to stamp all over it. I suggest you do a little more research into the fantastic results that homeopathy can accomplish in the medical field before you pass judgement on it.

    Keep up the good work Jeremy!!! Shine on.

  6. As an addition to my last email I would like to add that it is a well known fact that in some cases third world countries receive out of date ‘traditional medicines’ that are ‘donated’ from the rest of the world. These are medications that are deemed to NOT be suitable for us in the west to use, but are deemed as perfectly ok for third world countries to use. There is something very amoral in that, yet governments and the pharmaceutical industry turn a blind eye and it goes on year in and year out.

    Every major medical ‘cure’ that has ever been ‘stumbled upon’ , whether it be antibiotics or a vaccine has to start somewhere.

  7. Every major medical ‘cure’ that has ever been ’stumbled upon’ , whether it be antibiotics or a vaccine has to start somewhere. Someone had to take the initiative to want to help the situation and find a solution to help these people. As much as you might like to ignorantly believe that the pharmacetical industry has all the answers, if they did the AIDS situation and all other terrible illnesses around the world would have found a ‘cure’ years ago. Since this is not the case, that can only lead me to believe that the pharmaceutical industry does not have all the answers.

    As far as I can see Jeremy is merely trying to use a ‘natural’ method to treat people that can be used cost effectively and naturally instead of fat cat pharmaceutical companies bleeding economies dry and hiding behind the veil of ‘trying to help them’ but what they are really doing is pumping people full of chemicals that dont really work.

    Since you have read Jeremys blog you will see that he has had some success with treating a few people. While this is not proof of a conclusive cure, it is definately a step in the right direction. If these peoples symptoms are improving and they are getting better, that is not something to dismiss as rubbish.

  8. Lisa, your writing shows you are intelligent, but but you don’t seem to be able to grasp what counts as evidence and what doesn’t. To address some of your points:

    1. Of course I’m not suggesting that the homeopathic remedy is actively harmful. It is the way of thinking that is dangerous. It is an arrow pointing away from the solution, which is evidence-based medicine.
    2. The existence of the placebo effect is documented well in babies and cows, if you can’t be bothered to inform yourself on this, then I can’t be bothered to do it for you.
    3. A doctor told you there was nothing wrong with you, then homeopathy cured you? Wow.
    4. There are no fantastic results in homeopathy that have been documented in a rigorous and repeatable manner.
    5. The fact that the greed of pharmaceutical companies drives them to excess is neither an argument in favour of homeopathy nor against evidence-based medicine.
    6. What does “natural” mean?
    7. What evidence have you got that Jeremy Sherr is healing people with homeopathy. A blog entry after a follow-up consultation? Jesus Christ, that’s not evidence!

  9. Hi Robin,
    In answer to your response:
    1. Both homeopathy and traditional medicine have a lot of ‘evidence’ to back up their fantastic results. We can all have a biased slant on what works and what doesnt work when we only look for that evidence in one place. There is a LOT of well documented evidence that shows that homeopathy has sucessfully treated a wide range of ailments and people have become healthy again. There is a place in this world for all types of healing, and if a particular type of healing gives the results of making that person better than it shouldnt be snubbed.
    2. The existence of the placebo effect may well be documented, but equally documented is the wonderfl results that homeopathy has had. Again, if you look only in one direction for evidence you will be blinkered and see only one thing.
    3. Regarding my healthy issues – yes a doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me from a physical exam and bloot tests, but when you have a patient in excruciating pain and who faints regularly, then there is OBVIOUSLY something wrong with that person despite what any blood test or physical examination might say. Just because a doctor wasnt able to put a neat little label on it and put a name to my condition doesnt mean that I wasnt having real symptoms. A homeopathy was able to alleviate those symptoms and for the past two years I have not been in pain or fainted. I call that A REAL result and no one can deny that!!!
    4. (Again here I suggest you take off the blinkers and do some research into the scientific studies that have been undertaken and are undeniable. If you cant be bothered to do this then you should not be spouting off able something you are not fully knowledgeable on)
    5. I agree with you on No 5.
    6. In the case of homeopathy it means that people are able to be treated without pumping chemicals into their body which often cause more and worse sife effects than they heal. People should have a right to use whatever form of medical treatment they want. After all, we live in a democracy where there is freedom of speech.. If you dont want to use homeopathy the I respect that, but dont try and squash it and ruin it for the people in this world that believe in it and have had great health benefits from it.
    7. You are right, there is no ‘evidence’ yet, but he is making ‘progress’, and as you well know, has only just started. He has had a positive repsonse. Jesus christ, give the guy a chance! You are condeming him before he has had a chance to prove himself. In this society we are innocent until proven guilty. The last time I looked we were not a communist state.

  10. 1,2 &4: I don’t claim that there aren’t papers and entire journals that claim positive results for homeopathy. The problem is that there is there is a serious lack of credible research that suggests that homeopathy is more effective than a placebo. Given that homeopathic remedies proposed mechanisms of action all defy the law of mass action, this shouldn’t be surprising and we should move on as a species and try things that are more plausible.
    3. My original response was unfair and I apologise. What I should say is that the fact that you got better doesn’t prove anything about homeopathy. We have both recovered from every serious bout of illness we’ve ever suffered, otherwise we wouldn’t be here typing to each other. I have been able to do so without recourse to homeopathy, in fact I’ve been prescribed any medication at all for about a decade. People who take homeopathic remedies will take them when they are at their sickest. People who are their sickest either get better or they die. If they die, then no anecdote. If they recover, as they will tend to , the recovery is often attributed to the homeopathic remedy, rather than the wonders of our own immune system.
    6 & 7 You appeal to democracy and freedom. I’m sorry, but freedom doesn’t extend that far. People who do not have driving licenses do not have the freedom to drive. People who do not have medical degrees are not free to practice as medical doctors. People who do not know how to run clinical trials should not be allowed to experiment on desperately ill, poor and ignorant people using unproven and fanciful treatments, like diluted scorpion.

    Lisa, read about the life of Archie Cochrane, then consider if we’re really the bogeymen you’re making out.

  11. Robin, you seem to be complaining about Jeremy asking people to let you know of their positive responses to homeopathy. If you cant stand the heat I suggest you stay out of the kitchen, or is this site just for people that have the same point of view as you???

    Your points that you have made above are not specifically pointed to homeopathy. Yes, I agree the body either gets better or dies, but it is also well known that people go to the doctor for antibiotics at the point when they have been sick for around a week, when in reality the body would slowly start to get better itself given time. So we could really say that there is no real proof that most people who take antibiotics actually benefit from them as the body would probably start to get better itself, and that most people walk around severely over medicated for no reason at all other than to line the pharmaceutical industries pockets.

    I am not making you out as a bogeyman as you are entitled to your own opinion, but at the end of the day thats all it is, an opinion. It is your perception of what is real or important to you, which as I am sure you are aware is different for everyone. What I am pointing out though, is that you are on a witch hunt, after someone whose only goal is to try and find something else (other than traditional medicine) that will help these people which long term will also have a huge financial benefit for the Tanzanian government because homeopathy is massively cheaper than traditional medicine.

    Regarding 6&7 above, am I right in understanding that you are objecting to Jeremy giving someone diluted scorpion (so diluted that when tested scientists say that homeopathy cant possible work because that remedy is SO diluted it doesnt actually contain anything???) and that you would prefer people to go down the route of traditional medicine and clinical trial? That same traditional route that did clinical trials 18 months ago in the UK and killed people, and the ‘lucky’ people who did not die had their heads swollen twice their normal size and are now permanently disfigured and disabled. Or perhaps you are referring to the clinical trials that the military carried out on unsuspecting service men in the gulf war, those same men who thought their lives were in the hands of people who had their best interests at heart, but now have permanent ill health from the side affects of that medication.

    Every medicine that is on the market today had some ‘human ginea pig’ that tested it at some stage or else it would not have passed FDA regulations and be on the market. You seem to be ok with that though.

    How about vaccines? We routinely vaccinate our children by having a doctor inject them with small doses of horrible diseases like polio, tetanus, diptheria, hepatitis, measles etc etc etc. This seems to be an ok view, and no one bats an eyelid. The thought process behind vaccines are that small doses are given to help the body to produce antibodies to that particular disease and some immunity to these horrific diseases if someone catches them. Homeopathy is not so different. Small doses of a very diluted substance are given to a person to bring about a response in the body. How can you condem one while condone the other? I think there are double standards here.

    Jeremy is not practising as a ‘medical doctor’ he has gone to Tanzania as a homeopath. As far as I know he is not performing surgery or giving out traditional medicine? He also has not broken the law as you state above, he has been invited there to see if he can help, so yes, freedom of speech and freedom to help someone should be afforded to him. He is not a criminal.

    Both you and I can bat our ideas about homeopathy about all we like, but at the end of the day all that matters are the results. Results always speak for themselves, and if people in Tanzania are given homeopathic remedies and start to improve and gain better health that is all that matters.

  12. Great video. They are truly wonderful people. So dedicated. Thank you for introducing them to us and for posting their sincere, honest, and heart warming story of trying to help.

    May I suggest you might be listened to more if you would first try to do what they are doing. Or at least give them credit for what they are accomplishing.

    Your obviously one-sided and totally negative attitude can only hurt your cause, for which I’m glad.

    Thank you again for introducing me to the Sherrs and for helping to publish their message.

    Oh, and by the way, if you are able to read and understand this study, it might help you be a more believable journalist.

    “The conclusions on the effectiveness of homeopathy highly
    depend on the set of analyzed trials
    R. Lu¨dtkea,*, A.L.B. Ruttenb” published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. I know it might be difficult for you to understand, but it makes clear that the studies that you are likely to quote are not necessarily as accurate as they and you claim.

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