Up Your Street

Have you ever put your postcode into www.upmystreet.com? I did it for the street where I grew up. Seems quite accurate. Apart from the mining bit.

Often, many of the people who live in this sort of postcode will be home owning families living in terraces. These are known as type 42 in the ACORN classification and 2.94% of the UK’s population live in this type.

Neighbourhoods fitting this profile are largely found in former mining, industrial and manufacturing areas of Wales and northern England. Examples include Merthyr Tydfil, Rhonda, Burnley, Barrow in Furness and Halifax. Here is an overview of the likely preferences and features of your neighbourhood:

Family income Low
Interest in current affairs Low
Housing – with mortgage Medium
Educated – to degree Low
Couples with children Medium
Have satellite TV Medium

Young families with two children under 10, living in small terraced housing, characterise this type of postcode. Adults tend to be in the 20-40 age group with fewer older people and retired. There are some single parent households.

This is the ACORN type with the highest incidence of terraced housing. The houses tend to be small, with two or sometimes three bedrooms, and at the lower end of the house price scale. 70% of households are owner occupiers, with most buying on a mortgage. Most of the rest are renting from private landlords, with a smaller proportion renting from the local authority.

Generally, employment is in blue-collar jobs in manufacturing, mining and other manual occupations, with shopworkers also common. There is some unemployment, and long term illness is above the national average. As might be expected, educational qualification levels are generally low.

Car ownership is below the national average, and many people travel to work on foot or cycle.

Incomes are on the low side so there is little scope for investments and savings. Use of credit cards is below average.

Leisure interests include camping, angling, bingo, horseracing and rugby, as well as watching cable TV and going to the pub.

Popular newspapers include the Daily Mirror, Daily Sport and their Sunday equivalents, as well as the Daily Star.


One response to “Up Your Street

  1. Good stuff, seems pretty accurate. I reckon someone could make up a sort of astrology type study from it. It’ll clearly be trash but better than anything Mystic Meg might come up with.
    It’s interesting to put in as many past postcodes as you can remember, chart your life on the acorn scale!

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