A Week of the Rules

A week into the rules, I have to say it’s working well. I’ve stuck to the rules so far. I’ve had no alcohol, I’ve checked no news, smoked no cigarettes, drank nothing but decaf. I’ve got up for my alarm every day. I went for seven runs last week, only a little over a mile each, but still… So far this week I’ve been for two. Yesterday’s was the first proper one I’d say, about 4 miles. I’m christening it the short route in the hope that I’ll run other longer routes.  It’s nice, life’s become quite simple and satisfying. I’m still going out to the pub and stuff, and going and doing things, I’ve just cut out all the crap, all the websurfing and stuff. It means I have time to do my thesis and see friends and play guitar without feeling guilty all the time.

Plus I feel much more confident about my thesis. Yesterday I signed a piece of paper that means I have to have my thesis in by the 28th of November, or else I get fined by the University of Glasgow. No turning back now.


5 responses to “A Week of the Rules

  1. Now I know where to lurk!

  2. you never blog about me

  3. Come on Omar, as if you needed an excuse to lurk about the downs. You just want a cover story should you be found in the bushes!

  4. If I blog about seeing you Greg, then it’ll just make everyone who’s not getting to spend time with you jealous. It’s just not fair on the others.

  5. 28th Nov?
    Thought you were aiming for end of September? 😉

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