Music Please

I’m getting moving again on the thesis. I’ve been listening to Justice and hammering stuff out. Anyone got any musical motivational choices? Justice is working great, so’s Simian Mobile Disco. I await your suggestions eagerly.

My spirits were lifted moments ago, I was reading someone else’s thesis that I’d found online, looking for information on a particular subject just to double check something I was going to write. I happened to noticed that they had cited one of my papers! I was chuffed, first time that’s happened to me ๐Ÿ™‚ My faith in my research is returning at just the right moment…

I found this quite funny on the front page of the thesis:

What sort of mind comes thinks “Oh I know, on the standard template for the thesis, we’ll stick h and then the person writing it can just type in the rest, brilliant”?

P.S. Yes, my banter is going to be this bad for the next while.

P.P.S. Something funny happened today: I ate one of those foam-type packing chips you get in boxes and a colleague, Gildas, got really angry and shouted at me, and we all had a good laugh because we couldn’t figure out why me eating a foam-type packing chip would make him so angry.


11 responses to “Music Please

  1. Love the foam chip story – have you got a term for those ones, i.e. things that turn out funnier than they probably should?

    As for work music, this is roughly my list:
    Boards of Canada
    65 Days of Static
    Sigur Ros
    The Most Serene Republic
    Zero 7
    Cat Power
    and other stuff like 2-unlimited and Scatman John

  2. please send me some music:)

  3. and please dont stop the music ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hey, were you at Limmy’s show on the 13th? What music do you want me to send you? I could send you the Justice album if you had a real email account, like gmail…

  5. Robin; i was at Limmys show the 13, U too? i was sitting in the front row when you came in.
    Yeah would been ace; you have my e mail adress if you will send me music:)

  6. i mean front row to the right when you came in.
    It was grand stuff.

  7. I used to try and use Sigur Ros but it’s too dreamy, not motivational enough!

    I find the Mystery Jets quite good, ditto MGMT. It’s not intrusive but at same time spurs me on.

  8. We were second row on the left, next to the bar.

    Nic, I’m investigating your recommendations.


    Boards of Canada – Not got into them after a few tries, but I’ll keep at it

    65 Days of Static – Enjoying them

    Sigur Ros – Listened to a few albums, been to see them live, but I’ve never quite got the fuss, though I realise that is sacrilege to virtually everyone I know.

    The Most Serene Republic – Enjoying them

    Zero 7 – Always liked them, ear candy. I hear they’re not up to much live though

    Mogwai – Not listened to that much, but I’ve never gone wild over them

    Interpol – A band that I’ve never understand the fuss about. What album should I listen to?

    Cat Power – Need to investigate a bit more

    Feist – Liking this

    Bjork – Ooh, can’t be bothered trying to get into bjork

    and other stuff like 2-unlimited and Scatman John – Of course I’ve already got all these on cassette

  9. feist is brill!

    Robin – i worry about you. you ‘can’t be bothered’ with bjork? and sigur ros?

    zero 7 – bland as fuck. ok live but sigur ros kick their ass.

  10. Nic,

    It heartens me to hear of your concern with my musical taste. What Bjork and Sigur Rรณs albums do you recommend I try? One each.

    I am also listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg, 5:55, which is basically Moon Safari / Premiers Symptomes era Air + Breathless, Floaty English accented French nonsense. It’s rubbish and brilliant at the same time, and it doesn’t average out, it’s just both at the same time.

    Enjoying MGMT, particularly the first song on Oracular Spectacular, but not prepared to comment on them yet, and I’m trying Mystery Jets today.

  11. Ahh hard to choose an Interpol album, but I think for work purposes try ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’.

    MGMT are great, try Clor and Islands if you like them.

    I somehow forgot to mention Broken Social Scene, ‘Shoreline’ is a guaranteed eargasm:

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