First Day of the Rules

First full day today. Though I obeyed most of the rules yesterday, I had already agreed to meet my dad for a drink, as he was in Bristol for one night only. I had three pints of De Koninck, and then I had three cigarillos. So no more booze now till my cousin’s wedding in a month’s time, and no more tobacco until I submit my thesis and smoke a Monte Cristo cigar I have waiting for the event.

I went for a run yesterday, only the second I’ve had since about October last year. I only did about ten minutes and afterwards I felt like I had been assaulted.

Today was Latte Wednesday, and so as not to be an outcast, I had a decaf Latte. I couldn’t tell the difference.

I’ve obeyed the rest of the rules, though I thought of another one to add: No more than 8 hours of sleep a night. I reckon I’m sleeping too much, 9-and-a-half hours last night. So, much as I like a lie-in, there’ll be none until I submit my thesis.

Actual thesis progress is patchy, but is definitely an improvement on recent days.


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