Latest Search Terms

The cool thing about the stats for my bloggiwog is that I can see what people are typing into Google to find it. Here are some of the latest ones, with my sarcastic commentary added in for good measure:

  • how much is one hundred pounds in money?
    • Erm… one hundred pounds?
  • jenny tugman
    • Well Jenny, you’ve been caught googling yourself, I’d say…
  • one hundred eleven pounds
    • You have one hundred eleven pounds, or you want one hundred eleven pounds?
  • bread at waitrose for sale
    • Do Waitrose have bread that isn’t for sale?
  • mathes sites 13 yr olds
    • Might want to look at an Englishe site while you’re at it
  • massive muscle tattooed biker
    • Oh sorry, think you got the wrong website

One response to “Latest Search Terms

  1. “mathes sites 13 yr olds ”
    do you reckon this is due to the addition of your research section? 😉

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