The Last Question

Thesis is my main focus right now, and I feel little inspiration for my blog, short of cataloguing all my internal battles to work on the damn thing. After this post, definitely…

In a cast around for something to do that wasn’t work, I found a short story I read once at least ten years ago. It’s a story that really stuck in my mind over the years. I use to read plenty of science fiction, but I fell out of the habit. Not entirely sure why to be honest, probably because I was already plenty far enough down the geek street that I didn’t need to spend my time reading sci-fi.

Anyway, if you can spare a moment, tell me what you think of this.


One response to “The Last Question

  1. Heretic!

    We were discussing this in our group meeting earlier, about how any sort of large-scale AI system is going to have to learn how to manage itself as we’re quickly running out of the capacity to do it ourselves.

    It also seems like the more we’re able to contain the information that we produce, the more information we end up producing… insufficient data for meaningful answer.

    Lovely stuff Robin, got any more?

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