In the Wiener’s Circle

Yesterday afternoon, inbetween getting both sunburned and rained on here in Chicago, I stopped for a cheeseburger at a fast food shack called the Wiener’s Circle. It seemed like a nice little place. lots of character. All the staff were African American, though the area I’m in, Lincoln Park, isn’t particularly ethnically diverse. The place was quite full and the staff were serving a lot of people in a short amount of time, and it had a nice bustling atmosphere. Food was great too.

I wouldn’t have thought much more about it and nice as it was it wasn’t quite bloggable. Later on I was out with Lisa, a Chicagoan girl who works at my hostel and her Hawaiian friend Alison. On our way home at two-three in the morning we were passing the place when we decided to get some food.

I don’t think Lisa had ever been there before, but she’d heard of the place. Apparently it’s famous for the abuse that is exchanged between the mostly white clientèle and the entirely black staff. As we walked in we were presented with the scene of a guy in his twenties asking for a “chocolate milkshake” from the woman behind the counter (i.e. wanted her to expose and shake her breasts). There was also a scene involving an Irish guy and one of the staff. It was amusing in parts, but overall it was pretty tragic, and uncomfortable to witness. I ordered, paid for and consumed my food with all the usual p’s and q’s you’ll all be glad to know.

Thanks to the magic of youtube I can transport you to the Wiener’s CIrcle so you can see for yourself.


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