Two Seven-Year Olds Discuss Maths

On the bus last night, coming back from London, I overheard a long conversation about numbers being held between two boys, whose age I estimated at around seven. They were discussing numbers, big numbers.

Of the two boys, one of them was the self-proclaimed number expert. He saw it as his role to inform the other. He was telling him about all the big numbers. Like:

a thousand, a million, a killion, a dillion, a zillion, a killion

You’ve already said that one, said the quieter friend

yeah, bazillion, zamillion…

what’s the biggest number you can get?

a killion, yeah, I think it’s that.

but I could have like 5 killion

Yeah, maybe it’s not a killion, yeah?

For a while they tried to figure out what the biggest number was, but they eventually gave up, without agreement on which is the unsurpassable king of the numbers.


11 responses to “Two Seven-Year Olds Discuss Maths

  1. the biggest number is 69, or 1337

  2. long read but it all comes down to Busy Beavers:

  3. I remember having this type of conversation a million (killion) times, but I always hated the smart ass who would just repeat what you say and ‘and 1’.

  4. 1 is the biggest number…I learned this year

  5. I like that one Viki šŸ™‚

  6. We all know that 5318008 is, if not the biggest number, the most fun…

  7. hehe remember the story?

    there was a girl who was 13,
    who wanted to have size 84 boobs,
    but she was 45,
    so she went to the doctor, he said 0,
    take these tablets 2 times (x) a day,
    but she took them 4,
    and she ended up…

  8. I don’t get it Omar

  9. It’s related to Dave’s comment. Type the numbers into the calculator, and don’t forget the multiplication (“2 times (x)”), then turn it upside down!

  10. Oh yeah and press the equals key at the end šŸ˜‰

  11. I love pi. Especially the meat variety.

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