A Competition

I was at a 2-day training course last week. We were in teams for the duration, and they kept score of who was doing best. My team came out on top. We won £20 of Amazon vouchers each and I’m willing to split the bounty with you.

£10 (= $20 = €12.50) to spend at Amazon then for the first person who can tell me who this is:

Oh, and by the way, before any of you go looking for a reverse image search engine that just lets you plonk in the image and gives you the answer, I already checked up on that. Only one computer has ever been able to reliably carry this out, and it’s the hilariously camp Batcomputer:


20 responses to “A Competition

  1. was he on neighbours? he looks aussie

  2. I will give no hints and answer no questions. I know Omar’s been trying (and failing) to use computer geekery to crack this particular nut.

  3. It’s Billy from Neighbours.

    So did I ever fuel your bad habits at Bargarran now that’s ma coupon outed for all and sundry?

  4. Not Billy from Neighbours.

    I can’t be sure if you served me, but if you were there half-way regularly then it’s got to be a sure thing. I was part ned (spoke like a bit of a ned, drank pulse cider, wore Nike USA trackies, didn’t go to school much, hung around with people who did the same thing).

    Were you a bit of a goth at the time? What I mean to say, is it likely that within my group of mates you would be referred to (affectionately) as that goth cunt fae Freshways?

  5. My genius idea was to stick the picture into the celebrity lookalike thingy.

    It gave me.

    1. Ethan Hawke (62%)
    2. Benjamin McKenzie (60%, The OC)
    3. Dominic Monaghan (58%, Hobbit)
    4. Marcus Schenkenberh (55%, some supermodel)

    and so on….

    So, my conclusion can only be that this guy is obviously not a celebrity and thus I think it’s Robin’s next door neighbour.

  6. Not my next door neighbour Macca. Do not look to technology. Look hard at him, look in his eyes. Maybe you know who he is?

  7. Haley Joel Osmont?

    Aye, I had long hair, so probably was affectionately known as the goth fae Freshways. Haud on, is there a photo of you somewhere on this blog?

  8. The Sixth Sense kid? The boy of a single facial expression? Naw.

    Pics are on Facebook, don’t think my blog’s got any pics. It would need to be a picture of me kicking someone notable up the arse or something to get on here.

  9. Why don’t you kick the guy in the photo up the arse so we can find out who it is once and for all?

  10. he used to be in that tool time program with tim allen home improvement…the old brother…no?

  11. Zachery Ty Bryan…pow

  12. (insert tim allen style gunt here)

  13. Brad was the character. So what’s it to be then for your prize? A book about Hitler no doubt?

  14. I’ve got all the hitler books…I’m a big fan of the pop up ones

  15. He looks a bit of a sputumeter, whoever he is!

  16. move over batcomputer! http://tineye.com/ is a real reverse image search engine.

  17. Robert,

    your comment made me laugh out loud first thing in the morning, which is no mean feat! I will check out tineye and see if it does the job for our young man there.

    I do ask however that you have a little more respect for the batcomputer in future.

  18. I tried tineye. Turns out I already had a login from last summer. It didn’t work at all last time.

    This time it did! Well kinda. It matched the picture to another copy of it, of a different size and cropping. Unfortunately, it linked to the front page of a blog type website, so I would have to cycle through up to 400 pages of the blog to find the one that had the picture to find the guys name.

    The technology works though. Give it a big enough cache, and you’ve got your kid-from-home-improvement detector!

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