A google search for “robin bruce” currently has me as the number two result. It is a long-term ambition to dislodge Robin Bruce the sofa-making company as the number one result. I’m almost there now, though I was hoping that it would be for something meaningful that I’d get up the rankings. Robin Bruce result number two is me trolling a BBC journo’s blog using my own name. You can’t have everything I suppose. So, the question is, where are you in a google search for your name?

(rules: has to be your first name or a commonly accepted shortening thereof. So, “Neil MacEwen” is acceptable, Macca is not, “Dave MacLeod” is acceptable, unyans is not)


12 responses to “Google

  1. Well I’d best comment, seeing as I’m mentioned, how exciting.

    I fully expected to be sitting proudly at number one, as I usually am, but I’ve been usurped by that other famous Neil MacEwen the 17th century Gaelic poet. It’s a tough fight between the two of us for the number one spot, but usually I win. He’s pretty hard to be winning from the grave, respect.

    You also used to get my big cheesy Final Year Project photo at number one on google images, but I’ve been usurped there too, by ANDY ABRAHAM (former binman). Thanks Dave. I’m still at number two, tho it’s my Bebo profile picture, which is kinda crap. No sign of the cheesy one (looked as far as 300th result). Ah well.

    This is quite funny,

  2. For Alistair Campbell, I have reached the 230th result and still no mention of me. A more (in)famous individual is there instead on almost all the others. I’ve got bored now of looking for me just now. One day I shall find myself, one day.

  3. For ‘Jenny Tugman’ I seem to be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th entries! 🙂
    I think it’s safe to say I have ownage of the Google front page!
    Alas for ‘Jennifer Tugman’ I’m 45th for my protest against the 2012 olympics logo! 😉 A noble cause but unlikely to see me rise any further up the ranks of the Google hierarchy 🙂

  4. i can’t find you at 2. you’re making it up.

  5. Oh how I just love the wordpress “Possibly related posts” feature. There’s nothing better for the spirit than to find that countless other drones are making near-indentical posts…

  6. There are advantages to have a less common surname, I get 9 out of the 10 first hits and pushed the Yoga lady Carol Bruckler to the second page now!!! Yeah, victory at last 😉

  7. That witch! Well done Carole.

  8. Mostly, I reckon, due to people searching for me after being here, I have now kicked that 17th century Gaelic poet into touch. Yee-ha. You also get this blog post, and the facebook profile of the only other Neil MacEwen on facebook, who has 3 friends, one of whom is Greg. Ha.

    Darn, I bet by putting that in I’ve just pushed the other Neil MacEwen to number one.

  9. Funnily enough, “Neil Macewen” is one of the three most popular terms that leads people to my blog. The other two being Unyans and Mana Crack… I must be writing about Neil too much.

    When I tried this for my self I managed to spell my own name wrong, which is never a good start. But once I got it right I managed to find a load of sites relating to Montreal folk artist, David Macleod. One of the later ones is a funeral home, but no sign of me. The curse of having a common name!!

  10. Why are folk searching for “Neil MacEwen” ???????!!!!!!!!!

  11. Here’s some of my favourite search items that take people to my blog:

    one hundred pounds of money
    economic apocalypse
    how the hell did this happen
    savoy centre psychic glasgow
    i wont let her

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