The Death of a Motorcycle

We had some good times together. Driving 300 miles to the lake district, when the longest ride I’d ever done before was about 20 miles, holding on for dear life as fatigue and darkness set in. Touring the South-West of England, taking the ferry to the Isle of Wight and dodging red squirrels in the dark and in the rain. Taking ridiculous risks following a bike courier through rush hour London. Up hill and down dale in Wales.

I’ll miss her, she was a good bike.

At least she went out in style, a real rock and roll ending.


19 responses to “The Death of a Motorcycle

  1. But why did you set your bike on fire?

  2. Good question Chris Terry, only I didn’t do it. It went missing overnight on the Friday, and I reported it stolen. I thought that someone had plonked it in a white van, because it had a steering lock and an immobiliser, so you wouldn’t be able to get it started. Turns out all they’d done was break the steering lock, then they wheeled it round the back behind one of my neighbour’s houses, where you couldn’t see it from the road. They came back the next night, and tried again to get by the immobiliser. When they realised they couldn’t, they must have thought it would be a good wheeze to set it on fire. Cue two massive explosions (fuel tank, then rear tyre), 10-15 foot flames, fire brigade and the biggest street event in Devonshire Road since the Silver Jubilee. These photos were taken by Joe Wookey and his mum, Jo Wookey.

  3. What a bunch of pricks!

  4. Dude, the above is the kind of detail your blog needs!

  5. Bastards. i got my bikejacked several weeks ago. often wonder where he is now. He was/is strong, reliable and seriously good looking. It’s an end of an era for you my friend, you have done her proud! what are your intensions now – get another or ponder for a while. she was a true beauty.
    Did the police ever trace the robbing scum?

  6. Hi Beth,

    were you the girl who got her VanVan stolen in Liverpool? That sounded pretty traumatic. I don’t think I’m going to get another VanVan straight off the bat, probably use the insurance money to do my direct access, then start saving for something less sensible.

    Once I’m all grown up and have a place of my own with a big garage, I’d like to get a VanVan again, as my town bike, and use the big bike only for longer, faster rides. I like the look of the blue and white ones, but I’d be equally happy with a nice gaudy-coloured one. What are your VanVan plans?

    Not holding out much hope for the police, don’t think they’ll be putting Columbo to work on this one. They made any progress tracking down your miscreants?

  7. Aren’t you missing something…? Where’s the dog picture in this post?

  8. I think I’ll use the dog pictures every time I don’t have another picture to use.

  9. Total scum for what they did to your bike,shame they didn’t get burn’t when the tank exploded!!
    Sounds like you had some good times on your Vanvan, go on buy another!!

  10. Bastards, how can someone do this?!? I hope your insurance will pay for this damage. Please buy again a bigwheel. I have here a shop Germany, that sells a VanVan with low milage.

  11. hi Robin, I got bike jacked in manchester, was the other girl ok or have we got wrong location? twats came up behind me. was’nt the best experience in the world-and not one to be repeated. 🙂 At first never wanted to get on another bike, shock i suppose and decided to buy a car! But it aint in my nature to quit and bikes are in my blood. Also cars are boring it’s ok if you want to sit in a box with wheels! Jeremy Clarkson makes me laugh he aint got the bottle to get on a bike,
    As for a new van van oh yes! just waiting for another six days with no sight or sound then insurance will pay out. wish i had that closure knowing what happened to my van van- you never know could still turn up.
    i think it’s natural for you to want to wait for another van van cos you can,t replace your last, and think it’s time for a change but i think you should get another and join me,phil hopfully karl and others of mad rides this summer.
    as for the twats that robbed my bike on way to police station to do a photo id this afternoon.

  12. That’s it Manchester. I put Manchester, then I went back and edited it to liverpool.

    I’m really feeling the pressure to get another VanVan now… Any idea how hard the 200s are to get ahold of in this country?

  13. er… bit like gold dust ! karl gave me these sites to look for a new (second hand) bike. Have a look you could be suprised x As to you feeling presure to buy another – think your kick your self in summer if you don’t.

  14. hello is one still pottering around, one has been quite for a while! or is it the fact that your looking for a new van van x

  15. Heyo Beth,

    I hear you’ve snared the bike thieves, congratulations! What happened there?

    The wheels of insurance are turning. By the time the money comes (oh god I hope it comes) I’m going to be on holiday and away on work, so it’s going to be a wee while.

  16. the money will come, it just takes time. I’m well happy insurance is going to pay out in seven days. Putting a deposit down for new van van today horray ! Where you working away?. I’ll fill you in on the robber at some point got to keep quite for a bit x

  17. Back off to Scotland!

  18. hello, you back i england or your still in the bonnie hill of scotland ? have your insurance paid out yet?

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