Battles Won in the War Against Procrastinor

You’ll notice that my most recent posts didn’t mention Procrastinor much. The reason they didn’t is that from the 21st of March until Tuesday of last week, virtually every single one of my waking moments was spent in his grasp. He’s a wily one…

Procrastinor’s goal is for you to neglect your responsibilities. In my case I need to produce a thesis. I had set a date of the 5th of September as my goal. I was clear on this goal, and I was working steadily towards it. Then suddenly on the 21st, everything just flipped upside down. I stopped working on my thesis, and would hunt high and low for other things I could do that weren’t my thesis. Procrastinor makes you believe that almost anything apart from your main aim is important. For example, it suddenly becomes vitally important that you understand the ins and outs of the Zimbabwe situation. You must understand the history of Easter Island. You must know at all times how the credit crunch is unfolding.

In my last productive patch, in the first few weeks of March, I got loads done because I completely denied myself any of my usual indulgences. No BBC news, no news of any kind in fact. No wikipedia except for work, no finance/economics websites, none of all the things that completely distract me. The problem with that was that I was setting myself up for a fall. I did the cold turkey thing for a few weeks, but once I snapped and gave in, I gorged myself on pointless procrastination. Then you feel guilty for not making progress, and that makes you procrastinate more and more.

Anyway, the point is, I’ve beaten Procrastinor back, and I’ve been productive for 4 consecutive workdays now. I wonder how long I can keep this up? Anyway, in the hope of giving me something to work to, I’ll put in my blog posts how many consecutive days I’ve been productive without having a procrastitative breakdown.


2 responses to “Battles Won in the War Against Procrastinor

  1. you’re doing great robinio. keep it up. sorry about telling you about the bear stearns thing.

  2. Jean Boardman

    Hi Robin

    I was telling your mum about my ever burgeoning career in procrastination and she signposted me to your blog – I laughed my arse off – perfecto Robin! So true!

    Jean X

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