What Next?

Spent the last of the money there, more or less. £4.07, on a pastrami sandwich, a couple of big bars of chocolate for my housemates, a baguette and a yoghurt for Anya. Challenge over.

So, after two months, what have I learned? Basically I’ve learned that being skint isn’t all that bad if your rent’s paid. That and that it would be practically impossible to starve to death in this country. I think if I kept it going, it would get harder. I wouldn’t have anything left worth selling, and I wouldn’t have the stock of cigars and whisky that I’ve enjoyed.

Next month I will not be doing a £100 challenge. I’m going to buy things! Clothes and stuff. Should I still blog these purchases? If anyone’s interested enough, I guess I will. If no-one asks for it though, I’ll not bother.

I’m not ready to give up on the whole “one hundred pounds” idea though, so here’s the plan:

On the 23rd of May, Dave and I will arrive in Budapest. On the 10th of June we will leave from Gdansk in Poland. Inbetween these two dates, we aim to be in Serbia for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the 24th of May. We would also like to visit Kaliningrad Oblast, an exclave of Russia. From leaving Budapest airport to entering Gdansk airport, each of us has a personal budget of 100 pounds.


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