Month 2, Day 27: A Weekend Away

A lot of ground to cover now, I’ve not blogged since Friday! On Friday, after sorting out my Cuban propaganda photos I took a walk round town, with misanthropy in mind. I started to feel a bit better about humanity when I saw the paperback bestsellers in Borders. In my memory, this is probably the least offensive set of books that have occupied the top 20 at Borders. No Coleen McLaughlin autobiographies, no “How to get rich and popular” or anything like that. Maybe we’re getting better.


An increase in affection for life and humanity then set in, which stayed with me all weekend. Friday’s spends were:

  • £4.40 for coffees and teas with Jenny
  • £4.24 for a range of exceptional bargains in Sainsburys, the bounty shared with Omar
  • £5.20 for a couple of pints in the ever charming Deco Lounge

On Saturday, I hopped on the bike and took a ride round past Gloucester and into Wales, through the Brecon Beacons and into Snowdonia. Absolutely amazing. I’m still scared of doing long runs on the bike. When I’m sleeping the night before going out on a long run, I think about the hundreds of hazards I’m going to have to negotiate, and my untimely death seems a certainty. Once I get out though, I get on top of the fear (well, mostly) and it’s an amazing experience.


More fear conquering in Wales, as we walked into the mountains up to about 1000m in the ice, wind and snow. At night it was lots of guitar and singing and drinking on both nights, and then the run back to Bristol. Spends:

  • Various petrol stops at £25.62
  • Whisky and tobacco at £19.99
  • Food at £8.00

The weekend was such an amazing experience, I was expecting it to be all change with the thesis progress, but unfortunately not. Still in procrastinor’s grip.

Since then it’s been:

  • £5.50 that I was owed for some shopping
  • £1 that my housemate Anya owed me that she used to buy me a dessert
    • These last two items happened a while back, but a change in skinto accountancy procedures means I’m setting them against the budget
  • £12.92 in Lidl for supplies for a meal for Phil, Gemma and Laura who were round for dinner
  • £2.20 for Latte Wednesday

Balance = £44.58 (-63.4%), about enough for a half decent weekend!

Some conflicting movements in the EAPCCI

  1. Houses for sale on my street = 4 (up 1, was 2 at the start)
  2. Price of petrol at the Tesco down the street = 106.9p/l (down 1p, was 103.9p at the start)
  3. Price of 1kg of spaghetti in Lidl = 79p (no change, was 69p at the start)

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