Month 2, Day 27: A Game for All to Play

Here’s a game to keep you amused. Click this link and it’ll take you to a random wikipedia page. See how many pages you have to go to before you find something you’ve already heard of. It was four for me. I passed through Silas Betton, Jonas Dupont, the thematic equative. Things and people I’ve never heard of. Then I got to Doug Naylor, creator of Red Dwarf. I’ve definitely heard of him.

How many did it take you? Post your chain here.

P.S. Disambiguation pages do not count.

P.P.S. Pointing out that you knew one in the middle of someone’s chain is not allowed


12 responses to “Month 2, Day 27: A Game for All to Play

  1. Had another go there, and it took me 35, before I found Tammy Faye Messner, the late wife of Jim Bakker. I was in the US when she died last year, and it was a big deal.

  2. Stockholm City (The newspaper not the actual city, which I have heard of), Ulmus ‘lobel’ (a shrub), Julius Braathe (norweigan rifle shooter), Cytisus striatus (a plant), Adele Rein (actress, Her measurements, according to cover art for Common Law Cabin, are 42-24-36), Lea… In Love(album by Lea Salonga), Michael Rohde (chess player), The Quince Tree Press (publishers), twitter (a blog site), John Home (Some old Lord), Cubby vs Compuserve (a court case which suggested that online companies would not be liable for the acts of their customers), Sam Norton-Knight (rugby player) and yay reached one I know – The Darwin awards, which are awards given t o people who kill themselves in a stupid way. I’m quite disappointed that the thing I know is really non-intellectual though…

    Anyway I scored 13, great game robin!

  3. Adele Rein sounds like a nice girl.

  4. Number one – Leyton FC. A place that i have been which means that i win this game?

  5. You’ve been to Leyton? Or you’ve been to Leyton FC’s ground?

  6. Right here’s another one:

    1) Gustav Rödel, Luftwaffe World War II Ace
    2) Dick Schafrath, American football player
    3) TMF1, a human gene
    4) Eckelshausen, a village in Germany
    5) Christian Advocate, a post at Cambridge Uni
    6) Fitzwilliam College Boat Club, in Cambridge
    7) Jiggs Donahue, an early 20th century baseball player
    8) Anjō, Aichi, a city in Japan
    9) Brian Reynold Bishop, chief of the Volapük language (an international language)
    10) Marowit, an ancient slavic god
    11) Ox Emerson, another American football player
    12) Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania
    13) Whites (a type of butterfly)
    14) Farmingdale, a town in Maine
    15) Homocystinuria, an inherited disorder
    16) Thomas Scott Davidson, a dead Ontario auctioneer
    17) McWane Science Center
    18) Mesovouni, a village in Greece
    19) Gauḍa brahmins, I think it has something to do with the Indian caste system, but I canna figure it out
    20) Elizabeth Sun, a Scottish actress and musician
    21) Esporte Clube Democrata, a football club in Brazil
    22) Fay Presto is a British Musician, (good name)
    23) Pasajes inmortales, an album by a Venezuelan harpist
    24) Carole Coleman, an Irish Journalist
    25) Blindsight, a novel by Robin Cook
    26) Sutton College of Learning for Adults
    27) 1990 British Grand Prix, although I’m not overly familiar with it, chances are I watched it. I know what it is anyway. Lots of cars going round a track in 1990, easy.

  7. 1) Vulgate is an early Fifth Century version of the Bible in Latin
    2) Two By Two, Blue Zoo’s 1983 album
    3) Gabriele Tarquini (born March 2, 1962) is a racing driver from Italy.
    4) Aortic valve repair is a surgical procedure
    I got one on the fourth one!!

  8. I like this game. I got a bit bored after about 10 tho.

    1. Robert W. Gardner – an important figure in football history. He was match arranger, goalkeeper and team captain for Queen’s Park during the 1860s up till 1874.

    2. Vakhrusheve – a city in Ukraine.

    3. Richard Mathers – Wigan Warriors Rugby League player.

    4. Suzumushi – Japanese name for the bell cricket, known particularly for its song.

    5. Mike Leach – American tennis player.

    6. David Farrar – English stage and film actor, most notably in Black Narcissus (1947), The Small Back Room (1949), and Gone to Earth (1950).

    7. Evelyn Handler – University of New Hampshire’s fourteenth and first female president.

    8. Pietrele River – in Romania.

    9. Cabinet of Ernesto Zedillo – who was President of Mexico 1994–2000.

    10. HMS Colombo (D89) – C-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy, named after the capital city of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. Survived WW2.

    11. Stratified squamous epithelium – yeh whatever.

    12. North Zone cricket team – Indian first class cricket team.

    13. Water Agriculture and Health in Tropical Area – non-profit organization making research and giving assistance for the communities in the developing countries in the fields of clean water, sustainable rural technologies and healthcare.

    14. Theorem Proving in Higher-Order Logics – annual international academic conference on the topic of automated reasoning in higher-order logics.

    15. Platinum Airlines – Miami based airline.

    16. Ranjitram Mehta – famous Gujarati author.

    17. Walter Barbare – baseball player.

    18. Chemistry education – I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chemistry Education – There’d be question marks about that one if it came in at number 2 or 3. But at 18, yeah, it’s time to stop. 🙂

  10. i’ve been to leyton and saw the fitba ground. that’s less tenous than the 1009 british grand prix!

  11. oops. 1990. there probably wasnt much demand for F1 in 1009.

  12. Well, I was at number 27, I was looking for a road out at that stage. Go on, have a real go, one where you don’t fluke out.

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