Month 2, Day 21: A Clutch of Minor Spends

So there’s been a bunch of minor spends this week that I’ve not been taking the time to put up one by one. So here they are, in no particular order:

  • I thought I had a system figured out for eBay, a system for drawing in punters with items that start the bidding at 1p, with free delivery. I do not have a system. Lost £2.40.
  • 67p for enough last-minute reduced bread to do me till the end of the month.
  • £2.20 for Latte Wednesday
  • £5.50 spent on chinese takeaway in a rare outburst of self-indulgence
  • £2.76 for a book. I want a book.
  • £30 spent on accomodation in Snowdonia, where I will soon be heading. The challenge seems too easy now, why not a weekend away?

My promise of not going on t’internet to look at the news in my last post was not held to. I know it’s Procrastinor’s wicked work, but I haven’t been able to fight it. What I do know however is that I was happier living in blissful ignorance than I have been this last week wallowing in my perhaps-not-so-paranoid-anymore fear of impending economic collapse.

Maybe a day walking round in the sunshine in Bristol, followed by a lovely trip to Snowdonia will cure what ails me…

Balance = £122.65 (-26.2%)


4 responses to “Month 2, Day 21: A Clutch of Minor Spends

  1. Have you ever thought of putting a donate button on your blog?

  2. Might just have something on that front… 🙂

  3. is ‘a bunch of’ the correct group plural for ‘minor spends’? Did you check it in your reference book?

  4. Funny you should say that, as I genuinely almost referred to them as a drunkship of minor spends, but I knew that I would be called on it. As any pedant knows, a drunkship is the group plural for a collection of cobblers.

    You know me too well.

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