Month 2, Day 18: Gorilla Munch and Procrastinor

Right, I’m still half convinced that my housemate put this on Waitrose’s shelves just to wind me up:


EnviroKidz? Are you kidding me? It was £2.29. Of which, as EnviroKidz proudly boast, 1 or 2p could be expected to go to wildlife. One would presume they mean that it goes to charities and activities that support endangered wildlife. However, given that I wouldn’t have supposed anyone could be water-headed enough to either buy or produce this product, I shouldn’t then be surprised if they do actually go out into the wilderness and write cheques to pandas.

Of course, you could get Tesco value cereal to the same weight for 15p, leaving you £2.14 free to donate to reputable wildlife charities if you were so inclined. That wouldn’t be organic though would it? And what a mighty shame that would be. So even if you went for organic, gluten free cereal, you could still save £1.13 to give to wildlife charities you’ve actually heard of like the WWF.

So, for the record, you are not going to make the world a better place by spending too much at Waitrose, you credulous tossers.

P.S. As you might be able to tell, I am in procrastinor’s grip


6 responses to “Month 2, Day 18: Gorilla Munch and Procrastinor

  1. Procrastinor’s being a total dick this week.

  2. I know, I mean he seems to be running the global economy into the ground with the sole purpose of distracting me from my thesis

  3. So which of your housemates are you implicating in sourcing and posiitioning this product for the puroposes of winding you up?

  4. Has anyone waitrose wondered why a bloke keeps coming in late at night taking photos of their products?

  5. But Robin, the gorilla’s smiling, so it cannae be that bad.

  6. I have forwarded your post to the Congolese Rangers protecting mountain gorillas. I know now that they will sleep better at night.

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