Month 2, Day 17: Falling off the Wagon

So the weekend spend was £20.38. Nothing exciting, just booze, food and petrol.

The real story is that I fell off the no-news bandwagon. The reason was that I found out about the Bear Stearns collapse. I managed not to read up on it for a day after I found out about it. I gave in this morning, and have wasted virtually the entire day clueing myself up on what’s been happening since I last was keeping track about three weeks ago. It’s quite frightening to see the massive deterioration in the situation since I last looked at it. Most revealing is that all the important people are still saying exactly the same things as they were last time I tuned in. They say that it’s all fine, and the worst is past. Since I last heard them speak like this, it’s got worse by a staggering degree. It’s the worst thing to happen in the financial markets in the lifetime of anyone who’s likely to be reading this. Tune into BBC News 24 though, as I did at lunchtime, and what you’re going to get is literally non-stop coverage of the McCartney divorce settlement.


So with this in mind, I got shot of my 74 dollars, in exchange for £33.91.

Balance = £166.18 (+8.9%)

I need to break my renewed news addiction though, so I solemnly swear not to go onto the news websites again this month. There’s nothing I can do about it, the best thing I can do for myself is get my thesis written…


One response to “Month 2, Day 17: Falling off the Wagon

  1. Yes I was wondering yesterday when I saw that who long it’d take you. nae good, eh?

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