Month 2, Day 13: Sale of the Century

The idea in selling stuff is that I should get some money for things that have no value to me, stuff that I’ll never use again, and that in other months I would just let gather dust. In this spirit, I sold my laptop yesterday, for the princely sum of £125. It’s not been working for ages now, since I spilt a glass of water on it in my sleep. Minus the postage and the paypal, that’s £109.72 to add the budget. To celebrate, it was out for drinks to the The Woods and the Picture House, net cost £7.45. I said “to hell with poverty, give the cat a canary” and genuinely thought I was going out to whoop it up and spend some serious cash. It’s kind of embarassing that I only spent £7.45 really. I tried to end the night with a meal from the Ming Yin (it’s seriously called that), but they shut the door on my nose. Some ebay costs from last month came in £3.12.

Tonight it’s a haggis lasagne banquet with friends, share the wealth.

Balance = £165.79 (+148.8%)


  1. Houses for sale on my street = 3 (no change, was 2 at the start)
  2. Price of petrol at the Tesco down the street = 107.9p/l (up 3p, was 103.9p at the start)
  3. Price of 1kg of spaghetti in Lidl = 79p (no change, was 69p at the start)

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