Month 2, Day 12: A Bargain?

Went waitrose lurking again last night. Managed to bag two Caesar’s Salad kits for 20p. A true bargain. I’ve been a few times to Waitrose with my housemates, but there’s been little to tempt me of late. A typical waitrose “bargain” is shown below:


Beef Wellington, reduced to £4.99 from £11.99. On the face of it, that’s a great bargain, it’s less than half price. But let’s be honest, £11.99 is a ludicrous price to be spending on a ready meal, so much so that even at less than half the price, it’s still not tempting.

I have again indulged in Latte Wednesday, to the tune of £2.20. It’s nice to have a good coffee at least once a week 🙂

Balance = £66.64 (-3.5%)


  1. Houses for sale on my street = 3 (no change, was 2 at the start)
  2. Price of petrol at the Tesco down the street = 104.9p/l (up 1p, was 103.9p at the start)
  3. Price of 1kg of spaghetti in Lidl = 79p (no change, was 69p at the start)

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