Month 2, Day 7: Procrastinor Takes a Pasting

Yep, procrastinor has not had his way with me this week. My meetimer says I spent 3 hours 39 minutes procrastinating this week. That includes this blog, Facebook, my internet banking ebay and all that, so I reckon I’ve done nae bad. A productive week, yes! Just another seven consecutive months like that, then I’ll be there. Of course, I’m still going to have to work the weekend… I’ve got my Office set up like a well-oiled machine. I’ve got two desks. The first has my computer and everything on it:


Most of the time these days, I keep my computer turned off while I read things I’ve printed out, and take notes in pen. I know this is bad for the environment, but the environment is just going to have to take this one for the team. I make a list of the things that I need to do on the computer, then do them in a block when the computer’s on, usually it’s on 2-3 times a day. The rest of the time, I’m at my other desk:


Nothing but the thing I’m reading at that moment in time, my notes and my cup of tea/coffee. There is a prize in the form of an ice cold beer (or equivalent cash sum) to anyone who can tell me what I’m reading in the photo.
As for the challenge, my patience is seriously wearing thin on the nae money front though. We have Latte Wednesday in work, which is where we buy coffees from the local Starbucks clone. I’ve been knocking it back for a month now, and they’re beginning to think there’s something wrong with me. This thursday I gave in, and had one. £2.20. That’s right, Latte Wednesday was on a Thursday this week. On Thursday, it was off to the cinema with an expired student card to see Be Kind Rewind (£4.50), starring Jack Black, Mos Def and Danny Glover. For the first 20 minutes or so I thought it was terrible, but it really grew on me towards the end, and I ended liking it a lot. It’s not a slick film at all, but it’s really likeable.

Balance = £78.99 (-7.8%)


10 responses to “Month 2, Day 7: Procrastinor Takes a Pasting

  1. Normal price at cinemas , whats that then?

  2. you’re proofing macca’s phd. that beer is mine!

  3. Eh, I think it was £6.20 full price. It’s not Macca‘s PhD, no…

  4. Here, what’s your PhD in?

  5. Welcome to the blog Rossco. 🙂

    Apparently I’m some kind of world expert on the programming of FPGA-based reconfigurable computers.

  6. ‘not a slick film at all’?
    I’m afraid I must protest! 😉
    you have seen some of michel gondry’s other films right?
    hehe 😛

  7. I have to call time on this one. I was reading my poo notes from France. Only Macca could really have got this one, and he missed it.

  8. What are poo notes?

  9. poo was a class that Macca and I had when we studied in France. It was a good class.

  10. “programming of FPGA-based reconfigurable computers.”

    Sounds good, my thesis was called “Optically Addressed Thin Film Sensors”. And it’s no been opened since!

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