Month 2, Day 5: Keeping a Low Profile

Doing work, not spending, and not procrastinating (much).

There’s been some more movement in the economic apocalypse paranoia corner composite index (EAPCCI), there’s another house up for sale:

  1. Houses for sale on my street = 3 (up 1, was 2 at the start)
  2. Price of petrol at the Tesco down the street = 103.9p/l (no change, was 103.9p at the start)
  3. Price of 1kg of spaghetti in Lidl = 79p (no change, was 69p at the start)


On the plant front, the onions and garlic have been growing away great since last time, but there has been no progress to report on the taters. I’m beginning to worry about them. I’m also wondering if it’s too late to whip them out, scrub them down and make soup out of them.


8 responses to “Month 2, Day 5: Keeping a Low Profile

  1. hey, you need to be patient with those spuds!! They need their time.
    Can I have a zoom in on the garlic tomorrow? and how’s the onion in the garden doing? Is it regretting sprouting on you??

  2. You can get pretty close up on the garlic by clicking a couple of times on the picture. I can get you even closer if you really need it.

  3. Forgot all about the garden onion. I’ll check on it for you.

  4. only remeber not to give the plants what is in the plastic bottles behind them…

  5. OK, so you’re saying potatoes do not find Febreze and Vanish nutritious?

    P.S. Garden Onion is neither dying nor flourishing, sort of just holding on. It looks like a bombsite out the back, so I’m not posting any pics.

  6. Relieved to hear that Garden Onion is doing fine. It will probably pick up when the weather does.
    for the garlic, do I see three shoots, or is there more?

  7. More. Six I think.

  8. Lices hates garlic, therefore always have Garlic close to the rose plants if you have any roses..
    then lol, garlic`s fine to everything.. to keep the flu away and also your enemies he he and also then
    in food and bread,
    Ma maw says they gets stronger as if they get two years in the earth, but then cut down the green “grass” and use it in food etc.. just a tips to ye Robin.

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