Month 2, Day 4: Another Month Begins!

The trip to Glasgow was relatively speaking costly, but it could have been worse. During the day on Friday my only expense was 39p for a pack of chewing gum. I visited the Savoy Centre in Sauchiehall Street to avoid spending while I waited on Macca to get off work. Here’s a picture of the Savoy centre in all its glory.

The Savoy Centre

Doesn’t it look like the kind of shopping centre for a man with a hundred pounds a month? Oh but it was good though. So many gems. Gordon Ramsay luxury chocolate mis-shapes, signs entirely in Chinese, not one, but two psychic centres with queues out the door and the word baguette somehow spelt with a ‘q’ in it were the highlights. Oh, and a “delicatessen” that sold nothing more exotic than chopped pork.

The evening was the big spending event of the season. We went to Tibo in Duke Street for an absolutely brilliant meal, for total cost to me of £33. It was good stuff, but some neds snapped a wee baby tree that was out the front, and one of our fellow restaurant patrons seemingly got jumped when he was out for a cigarette, because he was bleeding when he came back in, and a little later the police came in to talk to him. Ah Glasgow, there are bits I miss and bits I don’t.

In the morning, Macca made bacon rolls. £1.20. I did live off the old parents a bit in terms of food on the weekend, but I think that’s fairly excusable, and I’m not going to count it as a breach of the rules. Mother’s day costs came to £21.99.

The other changes to the budget are £1.98 for six cans of soup and £100 monthly refresh to the budget.

Balance = £85.69 (+106.5%)

27 days to go. Oh, and I’ve started a geek blog now too. It got infinitely less hits than my main blog on its first day. An inauspicious  start.


2 responses to “Month 2, Day 4: Another Month Begins!

  1. Ah, the Savoy Centre. Racks and racks of identical tracksuits. Wonderful!

  2. I have a strong feeling that at least a number of my pupils were probably involved in the two offences listed in this post. Aaah the scallywags.

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