Day 24: Nae Frickin Joke

Ah it seemed so simple, payday was tomorrow, and a bunch of new money would come flooding into my account, rejuvenating it, bringing colour back to its sallow cheeks. The spartan month ahead was an entirely self-inflicted one, in preparation for a delightful jaunt to Argentina in April.

Well, that little dream ended with the arrival of a letter from the bank on the subject of a little interest-free overdraft of £1500 that is a leftover from my undergraduate days. The bank want proof of my undergraduate status. As I am not an undergraduate, I can safely assume that my overdraft is about to go through the hoop.

So next month’s budgeting is very fricking real all of a sudden.


2 responses to “Day 24: Nae Frickin Joke

  1. Hope yer weekend will be bright:)

  2. no no no – i’ve had this happen!!! you can talk your way out of it – if you’re still a student switch to a graduate student account and you still keep it!

    they’ve been trying to take mine away for 5 years. bastards.

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