Day 23: Growing Stuff


Aware that growing stuff is top notch blog-grade banter, I’m sharing this:


Those two plants in the pot in the sink are onions that have sprouted. The first one sprouted so much that I couldn’t bring myself to eat it, it clearly wanted to live so I planted it. No sooner had I done that than the second one sprouted massively too. I couldn’t play favourites with the onions, so that one got planted too. Andrew then decided he wanted to get involved and planted the most dead and dessicated-looking garlic bulb you could imagine, it’s there in the pot to the left of the onions. Even that’s sprouted. If you click on the photo you should see a green sprout coming out it that appeared yesterday.

Then I thought about the potatoes that were sprouting in my cupboards, and I felt it would only be fair to give them a chance too. I nabbed some soil from the back garden and put the soil and a tattie in each of seven empty tins. I put holes in the bottom of the tins for drainage. It’s been a couple of days, no sign of sprouts yet.

I really worry about myself sometimes, I’m too sentimental to even eat vegetables. I would never survive in the wild.

P.S. Virgin Media dispute resolved. In general their customer services were atrocious, but I want to give a big shout out to Natalie Turner in Virgin Media customer relations in Sheffield who finally sorted things things out within moments of hearing the whole sorry tale.


One response to “Day 23: Growing Stuff

  1. Youll be fine; plant the potatoes direct in the earth outside yer home; better place to grow.
    Then carrots are great food to do yerself. It needs to be mair watched over as it s a peek for the snails … but great to get yer own funny carrots ( figures just so fab sometimes.. done it many times..) and the taste.. its just heavenly:)
    Good luck:)

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