Day 22: Waitrose Lurking

A new sport to get me through the next month. Waitrose is near us, and it’s as expensive as hell. No place for a man trying to save up his pennies for a trip to Argentina. Or so you’d think…

Last night at about 7.30 we went to Waitrose, just before it shut at 8pm. By keeping an eye out for the woman with the pricing gun, some bargains were to be had. Two loaves of Nimble-brand bread for 10p (reduced from £1.50) and half a pack of yoghurts for 10p (more than 90% off). It was only half a pack because Anya wanted to wet her beak too.

My housemate Carole is an adept at this game, and apparently on a good day you can get veg too. She says there’s another regular to watch out for. A woman with black & grey hair, cut in a bob. She’ll swoop on anything, a fine eye for a bargain.

Balance = £50.67 (-0.4%)

Oh, and to prevent myself from spending all my time reading up on economic apocalypse paranoia material, I’m not reading or watching the news anymore. My economic barometer will now be a composite of:

  1. The number of houses for sale on my street (currently = 2)
  2. The price of petrol at the Tesco in Henleaze (currently = 103.9p/l)
  3. The price of 1kg of spaghetti in Lidl (currently = 69p)

7 responses to “Day 22: Waitrose Lurking

  1. it s cheaper anyways than in my country at Lidl..
    we do not have Teaco or Asda.. whats the best “cheapest “of them ??

  2. Asda the cheapest. It’s the big meanie of the British supermarkets. It’s almost always also the furthest away though. Tescos tend to be in the town centre, and Asdas are miles away and you need wheels to get to them.

  3. since when did waitrose atart doing discounts?! I’ve been going there for nigh on two years and the best I ever saw was 20p off a 3pound pack of sausages. And why are discount and viscount pronounced differently?

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