Day 21: An Explosion of Spending

Well, it started innocently enough. On Friday afternoon I went out for a coffee with Anya and her brother Adam. We had a 2-for-1 voucher for coffee, and I got one for £1. Innocent enough, but thereafter I was like a man possessed. There followed an orgy of spending. On Friday night, a vindaloo-hot curry, rice, nan and two pints of beer (to the tune of a round £20). On Saturday, it was £9.09 in Lidl and £7.25 for an artistica pizza in the legendary Renato’s. In Renato’s I bought a pint of beer in exchange for 33 ten-pence pieces (3 of which were a tip). The equally legendary Old Duke was next, with 2 pints of cider for £5.40. There’s a wikipedia article on The Old Duke, which among other things states:

The pub’s name is a reference to the classic American jazz musician Duke Ellington, though the pub has actually held the same (or similar) name for centuries, and most likely previously referred to The Duke of Wellington.

What!? You can’t go back and change what the name of something refers to!

Anyway, following the Old Duke was a trip to The Woods, seen here back when you could smoke inside:

It’s a nice bar, one of my favourites in Bristol. Spent £2 on a beer. Worryingly though, the average age and general eccentricity of the place seem to be dropping, just as my average age and eccentricity seem to be increasingly with alarming regularity.

Final stop of the evening was Flipper, for a bag of chips. If you’re going to go completely off the rails, you might as well do it right. Flipper offer bags of chips in two sizes. I went for the big bag with the last of my pennies, £1.85. Chris went for the small bag but ended up with more chips than I did. It seemed a great crime at the time. I think I’m over it now though.

On Sunday, I was invited round by Jenny and Sarah for Sunday dinner. My job was to make the yorkshire puds and bring the wine. So that was £4.22. While buying the wine, I saw Brian. For reasons no-one can properly explain, we have a little religon in our house based around this guy. About a year ago, he was a potential housemate that we interviewed. We liked him, and he seemed to like us, and said that he would probably move in. In the end he didn’t move in, and we were a little disappointed. After that, every time we interviewed someone for the house, we would say something like “he was alright, but he was no Brian”. For us, Brian slowly developed into some kind of superbeing possessed of infinite charm. When I saw him last night in Tesco, for the first time since he visited the house, I was genuinely starstruck. I told my housemate Carole about the sighting, and she was as excited as I was.

So, that was the weekend, and with 25p to Paypal, the weekend spend was £54.36.

Update: Oh, and £1.40 for some tins of soup and 88p for Omar‘s big old bag of ASDA chillies.

Balance = £50.87 (-52%)


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