Day 16: The Battle Continues

My bike wouldn’t start after I left work yesterday at around 1am. I kept pushing it to the top of a hill and tried to bump start it rolling down the hill. Me and bike combined weigh about 200kg, so after doing this to no avail a few times, I was completely mangled. Some youths were roaming the neighbourhood in their car, and they stopped to ask: “hey mate, why are you pushing your bike up a hill?”. It seemed a fair wheeze to them, but I was so knackered my only reaction was “look, can a couple of you get out here and push?”. Good lads that they were really, they got out and helped. Within seconds I was away, motoring off into the distance, waving back at the youths I’d so distrusted moments earlier.

This is me back at my desk for the first time since, and I’m once more in Procrastinor’s grip. I’ve decided to plan myself breaks, because normally I just force myself to sit at the screen in the hope that the longer I sit there, the more work will happen. Today I brought my guitar into work with me. The idea is thatfor every 2 hours of work, I’m going to take a half-hour break and play guitar. This is key in the battle against Procrastinor, I have to enjoy my breaks, and I have to take them away from the computer.

So the plan today is: work till 10pm, with 4 half-hour breaks. If you hear nothing from me, I’ve done it.

1446: Lost the last quarter of an hour to the vile one. I was suckered in by an article on America’s rising inflation. Next thing I knew I was checking my blog stats, looking up the stock indices, checking my email, blog stats again, email again. The cycle was about to start. It’s so, so easy for 15 minutes like that to turn into 5 hours. It’s as if I think that something is about to happen, and that if I blink and I’m going to miss it. As if in the next 10 seconds an important email is going to arrive, a million people are going to visit my blog, or the economy is going to spectacularly collapse in the matter of an afternoon before my very eyes. So, no. If I’ve got an email, I can see it on my next break, if anything exciting is happening on my blog, I can see it on my next break. And if the economy collapses, what do I think I can do about it? Do I expect that Mervyn King is going to phone me up for advice, and I’m going to have give him the sage economic advice of an electronics graduate?

1505: Oh he’s a wily one, I see what he’s doing! He’s letting me get on with my work, but he’s encouraging me to work on aspects that are at most no. 15 on the list of priorities. In fact, he’s leading me to expand the scope of my paper, so the more I work, the more I will have to do to produce the finished article. I’m now getting further from the finish line! I’m not even sure that this is the work of Procrastinor, this might be work of some new demon… Anyone met this one before?

1734: Not done any work for over an hour now. Got sucked in by this article talking about how Scottish banknotes work and how if one of the Scottish banks went tits up, the notes wouldn’t be worth the paper they’re printed

1927: Bleh, losing concentration. One last push of work, then I’m going home. On the procrasto-front, from economic apocalypse paranoia corner, comes this article about near-unavoidable financial catastrophe in the states. Though, take it with a pinch of salt, it is in the Financial Times, a Trotskyite rag best known for railing against the evils of capitalism.

PS: “i wont let her”, that was the first sinister google search term someone’s used to get to my blog.


2 responses to “Day 16: The Battle Continues

  1. trying to find your blog via ‘i won’t let her’ – here’s some sentences that cropped up in the results:
    “I won’t let her press charges,”
    “I won’t let her go to school today (she has no school on Mondays)” (meatloaf song?)
    “I won’t let her go out all the summer!”
    “I won’t let her put ANY pics of herself on there or her real name or age anywhere”
    “I won’t let her drop the divorce. ”
    “I won’t let her take them [HRT] anymore”
    last but not least
    “I won’t let her shit too much on you, you might get something infected, and I don’t want you to die”

    I realise that I’m procrastinating by reading about your procrastination :s

  2. wow. Good work Omar.

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