Day 16: A Jaunt Round Westbury-on-Trym

I was struggling to make any progress in my work, even though I was actually sitting there doing nowt else. Decided to take my break early, and go for a walk to see if I could find inspiration. I was just away for about 20 minutes, but I managed to spy a couple of things I’d never seen before.

The first thing I managed to spy was a mural painting of the characters from Family Guy, a mere 30 seconds from my desk. No idea how long it’s been there, but it’s the first time I’ve clapped eyes on it.


I then strolled along to Canford Park, where I took a snap of the fountain they have there:


Now, this fountain I’ve seen before. I’ve even read the inscription before. I’d never thought about the inscription though. What happened was that, more than 110 years ago, there was a committee going round the village hitting people up for contributions for this fountain. All sorts of “come on now, make an effort, put your hand in your pocket, Westbury-on-Trym needs to keep her end up, pay tribute to her majesty gawd bless ‘er”. So, how do you reckon people reacted when the grand day of unveiling came, and there, bold as brass on the fountain is the name of the guy who took the contributions? The cheek of it! He put his own name there every bit as big as Queen Victoria’s. I wonder how that went down in the local hostleries. In fact, this probably explains why there’s a pub on the High Street called The Tossrag Shipley.


One response to “Day 16: A Jaunt Round Westbury-on-Trym

  1. and a bit of local history thrown in too. very good. although i’m not sure if i agree with a mural of quagmire, a known paedophile, on the side of a building.

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