Day 16: Guilty Pleasures

My Launchcast player just played me Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever followed by Natalie Imbruglia – Torn. Back-to-back guilty pleasures for me. What’s your guilty pleasure?


5 responses to “Day 16: Guilty Pleasures

  1. Thank you for your postings Robin; been away recently.. but back now.. Well guilty pleasures.. i have to admit..last day i promised my kids to go to the museum this evening have a great time with them by watching historical animals with only these šŸ˜¦, but today i had to cancel it as im sick( i have a cold).. so it was pity for my kids and they got dissapointed- if they only had had one another here who could be with thats guiltiness as i should been with them there.
    Sweet dreams to you xxxxx

  2. Not sure, I probably have lots… I had my ipod on shuffle the other day and Phil Collins, Easy Lover came on – it made me very happy. Oh and Meat Loaf must be up there too!

  3. Mine played baby Ds let me be your fantasy…it made me walk twice as fast!

  4. i’ll post macca’s for him – cock.

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