Day 15: Procrastinor!


So, the final ebay item is sent off. That netted me £8.16. Cost me 40p to send it off. I bought myself a loaf of bread and a tin of beans and sausages to celebrate, £1.36. Pretty good you say.

Not so fast though. Upon my return from The Somerfield, I got a phone call from the guy who bought the wireless router. Not working he says. Turns out it wasn’t BT’s fault for my non-functioning ADSL, it was the router’s! This means that all the internet trouble I’ve had over the last year, all the calls to the landlord, all the visits from BT, the switch to cable and the ensuing dispute with Virgin Media were all because of this damn router! And it’s not done tormenting me yet, it’s just cost me another £11.41 in a refund.

I was expecting another green day today, but it ain’t going to happen:

Balance = £107.54 (-4.5%)

The guy with the router was pretty decent about it, even though he’s clearly lost fruitless hours trying to get it going. It took me all of 10 seconds on the phone with him to offer the refund, recognised the symptoms he described instantly. God knows what kind of joker he must think I am, given that we already had this exchange on the eBay messages:

Dear newgantlord,

can we have the system password for the 3com router

– jimloura

Dear jimloura,
oh god yeah, the system password. It does include a swear word I’m afraid. Promise not to get offended?
– newgantlord
Dear newgantlord,
dont wworry i will not be offended please send
– jimloura
Dear jimloura,
the password is fucksticks
– newgantlord


The real story of the last 24 hours has been my abject failure in getting any work done. I installed a firefox tool called Meetimer on Macca‘s recommendation. It tracks the websites you visit, and warns you if you’re procrastinating. It also logs the amount of time you spend on your usual suspect sites. For me it’s Facebook, the Guardian Unlimited, Bad Science, BBC News,, and some other finance pages. Oh, and Limmy. First day with it was good, only wasted 41 minutes, it
kept me in check. Yesterday was appalling though. In the last 24 hours I spent an astounding 8+ hours of work time on non-work websites. The worst thing is, I can see myself behaving in this terrible manner, but I can’t seem to do anything about it.

I have decided to externalise my demon: I am in the grip of Procrastinor, a fiendish being who has enslaved me. At the top of the page is a blank space. I’m hoping that either Bobby J or Macca would supply me with an artist’s impression of Procrastinor, so I can really picture who I’m battling against. I think both would produce very good renditions, though they would be good in very different ways.

Update: Macca got in their first with his impression of Procrastinor. I’m sure you’d all agree that he’s once more done himself proud. The eagle eyed among you will have spotted that Procrastor has changed to Procrastinor. This is what Macca knows this beast as, and I think it’s a better name.

Off-Topic: Feel free to ignore this. I just want to link to this blog post about Netcetera who have shamefully bowed to groundless legal threats and suspended Andy Lewis’s excellent Quackometer blog. A few more links like this and the holfordwatch piece will be moved from no.11 in the google results for “Netcetera” onto the first page of results.


8 responses to “Day 15: Procrastinor!

  1. ha nice. i remember the fucksticks discussion in edinburgh.

  2. This post made me laugh out loud Robin, most amusing. Don’t tell Forbes!! Although I’m sure the problem was always both the router and the BT line. That’s probably why it was so hard to figure out what was wrong and also why sometimes when I shoogled the wires it worked… The phone didn’t work remember and was crackly so that can’t have been the router. Can’t believe you’re selling on dodgy goods though.. This challenge has made you sink low.

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  4. For those who care, that’s the netcetera blog post at No. 10 on the google search results. Yes!

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