Day 15 : First Battle with Procrastinor

OK, it’s 17.20, and all I’m doing is my usual, bumping round sites instead of working. Instead of succumbing to my procrastination urges, I’m going to note them here until such time as I spontaneously do some frigging work. I will battle Procrastinor, here, live for you until such time as I accept defeat, or I produce an academic paper.

17.20: Urge to look up “procrastination” in wikipedia (seriously)

1722: Thoughts of tidying up my desk

1723: Thought about trimming my nails

1724: Desire for yet another cup of coffee

1725: First thought of doing work

1726: Urge to check emails

1727: Urge to check visitors stats for my blog

1728: Urge to write lengthy account of an imaginary battle with procrastinor

1729: Urge to visit a Max Gogarty forum

1730: Ah, the procrastinator’s dream! A real interruption, a colleague is letting me jump start my bike off their car, so I must be off

1756: Once more back at my desk. No work yet.

1757: Urge to write-up a minor incident that happened while recharging the bike’s battery

1757: Urge to check email

1758: Urge to make a cup of coffee

1759: Urge to chat to George Boardman, who just signed into MSN messenger

1800: Urge to read the draft of this blog post

1800: Second thought of actually doing some work

1801: Starting to do some work now…

1802: Oops, false alarm

1803: No, I’m definitely away now

1810: 7 minutes of work, good. Just putting on some music though, ignoring coffee urge.

1817: Still want that cup of coffee, but still working

1825: Urge to have a cup of coffee, and to look myself up in google scholar

1830: Urge to phone me old mam. I think I’ll be a good lad and give into this one

1845: Right, back to work

1853: Oops, checked my email. Still want that coffee

2003: Breaktime! Time for that coffee at last. So, I’ve finally managed to format my references! That only took more or less two hours of uninterrupted work. At this rate I’ll be done in time for Easter!

2041: Possessed by Procrastinor for a bit there, he had me checking emails, sending emails, playing about with my blog posts, checking the stats, looking at everyone’s blogs. Enough though, back to work.

2042: That’s right, back to work old boy, won’t be long now and I’ll be working away.

2047: Nearly thrown off track by Jenny’s email, but as she suggests I’ll save reading the rest of it until I reach my next break.

2055: If you’ve really got nowt better to do, check out the formatting rules I have to observe with this paper.

2241: OK, another solid bit of work there. Spent most of the last couple of hours drawing a diagram. Oh but you best believe it’s a good diagram. Cup of tea, and breaktime till 2315.

2306: Simian Mobile Disco, now them’s tunes.

2316: Procrastinor tempts me with a commodity price breakout. Ah, he knows what spins my wheel. But I shall not read the article, no, back to work…

0035: Right, concentration’s gone, time to go home. Careful as she goes though, tired boys, motorbikes and ice do not a friendly combination make.


One response to “Day 15 : First Battle with Procrastinor

  1. Hallo There

    I too am a terrible procastinator when it comes to doing work. My work is my full time job that I’m actually paid to do and I still fanny about a LOT. Ha!

    Tonight I stayed late at work to finish a document that should have taken me an hour. It took me two and a half. And that was good going – cause the internet went down! I tell you, it’s the interwebs fault – this distraction stuff.

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