Day 10: Happy Valentine’s eBay Day!

10.30am : My auctions are all coming in in the next couple of hours! Oh the excitement. There are almost 50 people watching them and the bid total is up to almost £30. I'm hoping for a last minute rush!

11.27am : First one on the block was the wireless router. It jumped from £3.81 to £12.02 at the last minute. Not too shabby, still got to post it though. Next up is the mobile, currently sitting at £15.00.

11.37am : Those Paypal bastards are taking a 5% cut of my £12.02!

 12.39pm : The phone went for £22, the watch went for £6.50, and the network card went for £8.16.

Once I've paid eBay fees, Paypal fees and postage, I'll be lucky to get £35. I'm a little disappointed.




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