Day 9: Another Mystery Expense

£4.46 this time
Balance = £79.04 (-5.3%)

4 responses to “Day 9: Another Mystery Expense

  1. There a re a lot of mystery expenses? But I digress, your budget started of healthily at the beginning of the week and it know has taken a hammering. You’ll be glad when the ebay auctions are finished!

  2. The expenses may or may not be related to the day it is tomorrow.

  3. Wan, good question on the watch auction by the way. Are you thinking about taking the plunge?

  4. Aaaah I see. Yep got bored and thought I would question. Have now signed up for wordpress myself although not sure what to blog about. Had a wee look through the bids and they look not too shabby at the moment.

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