Day 8: Lidl and Pies


Tonight all and sundry are invited in my house to consume pies. I just nipped off to Lidl to buy some booze for the event and some toothpaste (for general use). So that was £6.77. I feel like I’m spending a lot at the minute, but the alternative to buying this booze would have been to not take part in the festivities in my own house tonight. Either that or scrounge, and we can’t be having that. Weird one in Lidl:

As I walked in I was right next to two youngish women. As we got into the shop, neither of them were speaking, then one of them looked around and said: “oooh, there aren’t any black people in here”.

This is a weird enough statement on its own, but considering that there clearly were some black people in Lidl, it made even less sense.

Was running low on toothpaste, so it was a no-brainer to replace it. But there are other things I’m hesitating to replace. At the minute I’ve been living off the fat of the land. I’ve still got some food in the cupboard, whisky on my shelf and petrol in my tank. It’s when I start to run low on these things that I have to start deciding what I can live without. For example, I’ve got no instant coffee left, and so I’m just doing without. I like my spicy food too, but I’ve got no chillies, and once I run out of cayenne pepper, I’ll be without spiciness of all kinds. It’s not really nutritive, but it’s something I really like, so I’ll need to weigh that up carefully. Then there are the other decisions, like razorblades. I’m ok for now, but before too long my razorblades will all be blunt as buggery. What do I do? Do I continue to scrape my face to bits on the old ones? Do I blow the budget on proper Gillete stuff, or do I get a bag of those disposable council razors? This is where it starts to get tough.

Oh I’m coming to Scotland for the weekend of the 29th, work’s paying for the flight. So this challenge is going on the road. I’m not sure if my (Scotland-based) girlfriend has found this blog yet, so god knows what she’ll make of it all. I’ve a weekend day free if Macca and Bobby J want to come bin-raking with me…

Balance = £83.50 (-7.5%)


2 responses to “Day 8: Lidl and Pies

  1. I’ve got a good chilli tip: Asda do big bags of dried red chillies that keep forever. They’re maybe a couple of pounds but you get loads.

    Shaving is also much cheaper with an electric razor (long term)!

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