Day 7: Broken Bike and Greedfest

My bike wouldn’t starp up after work. So I had to push it up a hill (all 120 kilos of the fecker) to get to a local garage, where I asked them for use of a charger. After a bit of arsing around, I got the thing going. The guys did me a real good turn and they only charged me £3, but still, it’s three more pounds than I could have done with spending.

After that, it was round to Jenny’s for the overeating event that is Greedfest. Greedfest is a movable feast that usually takes place every week or two. Basically we eat takeaway food and watch DVDs, but because we make it a formal event, we feel less guilty about what is essentially sedentary gluttony. This week it was special curry, chips, seaweed, rice and I’m Alan Partridge. It was the “monkey tennis?” and the “got your big plate Alan?” episodes. It’s ageing well. Anyway, that was £7.

Balance: £90.27 (-10.0%)


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