Day 7: An Unspecified Expense

£40 is coming out of the budget on an unspecified expense.

Balance = £100.27 (-28.5%)


2 responses to “Day 7: An Unspecified Expense

  1. Did you go down the casino again Robin…?

  2. I know it’s a little late to respond to this…….however, this is the first time i have read your blog on this….word-for-word……i know, i know! I should be sacked and a new sister should be put in my place.

    However, i wonder what you would hav to spend £40 quid on and not feel able to broadcast on tinternet?????? mmmmm do they charge at the clap clinic?? A fine of somesorts? peeing in the street? Does that come with a fine………defo private secret….or crime related me thinks xxxktxxx

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