Day 5: Saturday’s Spending

In the end we continued the argument, substituting coffee for ice cream as it was getting cold out. Anya threatened to buy me a coffee to such an extent that I had to buy one myself. So today it’s been £12.47 for my Lidl shop and £1.90 for a coffee. Oh, but I found 20p.

Lots of walking today, playing guitar and getting my motorbike up and running again. All good wholesome activities that don’t cost a bean. I’ve just had haggis bolognese for tea, and now we’re going to settle down for a DVD.

Balance = £140.27 (-9.1%)


3 responses to “Day 5: Saturday’s Spending

  1. hiya:) So you spent some money on Lidl. Dod you remeber the fruits and vegetables? Make icecream of joghurt and fruits, or juice 🙂
    Collect some bottles; that might earn you some pennies / pounds.. it gives you fresh air and nice nature views too + aswell you then recycle the society with helping the gov to pick up others “trash” and use it to gain some money to yourself, or do you not get money back for the bottles in uk?

  2. I could put up the receipt for all to see. I got some peppers and clementines, but that’s the only fresh fruit and veg I got. Got some tinned tomatoes too though. Didn’t have much space in my bag.

    Only place I know where you get money for bottles in the UK is Irn Bru bottles in Glasgow. What’s the going rate for one of those these days?

  3. ‘good wholesome activities that don’t cost a bean’ thats a good way to sum it up really ain’t it.

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