Day 4: Want

I’d quite like to have a coke right now. Ice cold coke.

Balance = £154.44, Daily Budget = £7.40


5 responses to “Day 4: Want

  1. lol; i have an idea : call a friend he / she might have a glass or two for your thirst 🙂
    costs; a travel oot the house; you get some gym on your walk; and you also socialize:) and the third; you get your coke ( or something else to drink) and maybe also some food.. Good luck 🙂

  2. Hello Scandavian Lassie. Nice idea but I’m afraid that would be against the rules. I’m not allowed to let people buy me drinks or food unless I’m able to return the favour.

    Your Lidl and vegetable suggestions I’m going to put into practice though because Lidl is good, and also because scurvy and rickets are bad news. 🙂

  3. Oic; you have a happy and great weekend.
    Lidl reminds me of the days i walked with my granny in the German shops.. as she lives there. The best cheese cake I ever have tasted is the one she makes.
    Wooked veggies… great healthy and cheap stuff.. 🙂
    Tips two;
    buy a big bag of rice in the foreign supermarkeds.. youll find cheaper food there than elsewhere

  4. I’m enjoying that Ice cold coke….right now…you know what’s even worse. I’m not even thirsty…if anything I’ve drank too much 🙂

  5. Well, don’t come crying to me when all your teeth fall out your head! 🙂

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