Day 4: The Rules Have Changed

As I walked to work this morning, in the lovely sunshine, I reflected on the fact that this challenge is a little harder than I first thought.

I thought, “ach well, at least it’s only till the end of the month, my friends won’t want this to go on for any longer than it has to. They’ll go for option A.

But no, you’ve gone for option B, five-nil. So after the end of the month (assuming I make it to the end of the month) my suffering will stop being involuntary, and start being some masochistic experiment, for your voyeuristic pleasure.

I like a challenge, so I’m going to do this for as long as I can. The new rules are:

  1. No borrowing money, goods or services
  2. All income from my day job goes into a savings account, minus my rent and my phone, interent and optician’s bills
  3. All gifts from friends or family go into a savings account
  4. No scrounging, subtle or otherwise
  5. The law must be respected at all times
  6. Anything else is fair game
  7. All financial transactions are blogged

This all ends when it becomes too much for me and I need to admit defeat, like I need to pay to go to the dentist or something, or I really want a Star Bar.

Any questions, clarifications or suggested amendments to the rules?


One response to “Day 4: The Rules Have Changed

  1. We also get to beat you on the back with branches each morning.

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