Day 3: More Bidness


Right, found 2p in my jacket, and spent £1.20 on four listings on ebay:

  1. A Wireless Network Card That Dave Gave Me (waiting for the fireworks on this one!)

They’ve got 7 days to run, and hopefully they’ll provide me with a nice boost towards the end of the month! 

It’s all quite fun at the moment. I’m already starting to get ideas about making a profit this month! 🙂

Balance = £154.44 (-0.8%), Daily Budget = £7.06


4 responses to “Day 3: More Bidness

  1. I think this is unfair, and not in keeping with the blog – one hundred pounds, one month. You’re just sellin’ a big pile of stuff to make it easy!

  2. You gave me that wireless card in the first place – don’t you worry about it Robin, sell away. Sell to your hearts content, sell like you’ve never selled(sic.) before!

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